A Bright Idea: Selling Franchises Effectively

By Craig Jooste | Originally published in the Spring 2019 issue of The Franchise Voice

Award a Franchise, never “sell” one.

No one wants to be “sold” something. The best way to convert an interested candidate into a franchise partner is to make sure there is a fit on all levels. Following your initial call with a prospective franchisee, they should be eager to hit the ground running with great enthusiasm for your franchise brand and concept. They should wake up the morning after the initial call revving to go and eager to take the next step. Remember, enthusiasm is powerful.

Franchising is a marathon not a sprint. The right people will advocate for the brand and believe in the vision, systems, and direction that the business is going in. Everyone involved has to want to be part of growing the business. Find the right partners and you won’t ever have to “sell” anything. The business of franchising is personal however you look at it.

Here’s how we at Local Handyman Group do our discovery calls, taking an approach that seeks to share information about the franchise, rather than act as a sales pitch. In our discovery calls, we ensure that we touch on the following five points:

  • Make it clear that this is a discovery call, not a sales call.
  • Explain to the candidate that there needs to be a fit on both sides for a successful partnership.
  • Find out as much from the candidate as you want to share about the brand. Listen as much as you speak.
  • Be REAL. Yes, that means be open, honest, and not guarded. Believe me, this approach will result in calls with substance that will give both parties in-depth insight into what a potential partnership would look like.
  • Close with “sleep on it, speak to your spouse, make sure they are 100% onboard. If you wake up tomorrow and are more excited about this opportunity, then give us a call.” From here is where you can dig deeper to determine if your franchise is the right fit for both sides. At the end of the day, if the candidate cannot see this opportunity and the potential, it’s better for them to not be a part of your brand.

So here’s a bright idea: build real relationships, don’t just sell, and strong franchise partners and brand advocates will follow.

Craig Jooste
Co-Founder and CEO, Local Handyman Group

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