Spotlight on Mentorship: Lice



If you want an honest opinion about the benefits of the Canadian Franchise Association’s (CFA) Zor-2-Zor: Franchise Coach in Your Corner mentoring program, just ask Lice Founder, Dawn Mucci.

The franchisor of the Canadian lice removal franchise has a unique experience with the program seeing that she has participated as both a mentee and a mentor.  

“Participating in the program first as a mentee and then as a mentor has provided me with a wealth of valuable education and has allowed me to give back to an industry I am passionate about,” Mucci says.

The free, volunteer-driven service pairs new CFA members with established franchisors within the Association. New franchisors looking to grow their business and find long-term success receive first-hand guidance and support from some of the franchise industry’s most successful leaders.

For their part, mentors have an opportunity to “pay-it-forward” by sharing knowledge to those new to the industry, helping to promote franchise excellence in the process.

“Helping another franchisor navigate the road of building a franchise is very rewarding, but what ends up happening is you learn more from your mentee than you ever anticipated,” says Mucci. “You form a mutually beneficial relationship and long term trust and you truly teach one another.”

Both mentees and mentors expand their network by connecting with other franchise professionals, gain new ideas and insights by discussing experiences and challenges with one another, and help to strengthen the franchise industry by sharing and learning best practices.

Today, with over 25 franchise units, Lice is expanding across the country and Dawn Mucci can give some credit to Zor-2-Zor for helping her learn more about the industry.

“Being a franchisor is not a solo sport nor should it be,” she says. “The more you give and the more you help others, the better you become and the more you learn. I highly recommend throwing your hat in the ring to mentor in this program, and if you are new to franchising, use this program to find a mentor. It’s very beneficial and time well spent.”

CFA’s Zor-2-Zor: Franchise Coach in Your Corner is a free program that pairs new or emerging CFA members with established members for one-on-one coaching. Click here to find out how you can sign up as a mentor or mentee or complete the form below to receive more information.

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