Advocacy Update | April 27, 2023


Common Employer: Adopt the Four-Factor Test

There needs to be clarity in employment law that allows the franchisor to protect their intellectual property and maintain standards across the system, without the risk of a labour board deeming such actions de facto control, which would result in a common employer declaration.


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Minister Ng meets with Suzanne Clark, President and CEO of U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Minister Ng and Ms. Clark discussed areas of mutual interest such as cooperative efforts to advance cross-border trade by small and medium-sized enterprises. READ MORE

Government of Canada introduces legislation focused on a strong middle class, affordable economy, and healthy future

The Bill includes a suite of measures to help make life more affordable for Canadians. READ MORE

The Bank of Canada releases its Annual Report for 2022

The Bank of Canada’s Annual Report for 2022 was tabled in the House of Commons today. READ MORE

UCP proposes referendums for all tax increases

The Premier said her government’s guarantee would provide stability for Albertans, particularly small-business owners and residents who are struggling to get by. READ MORE

New Hiring Index Highlights Labour Market Strain in Canada  

“This Index is being introduced to provide businesses and employers with insights into changes in gross labour demand in the economy,” said Sohaib Shahid, Director, Economic Innovation at The Conference Board of Canada. READ MORE

Here’s Where Canadians are Spending Less Amid High Inflation, Interest Rates

Canadian consumers are pulling back on spending as rising prices and high interest rates appear to be taking a toll on retail sales. READ MORE

Bets on Bank of Canada rate cut recede as core inflation proves sticky

While Canadian inflation has cooled in recent months, much of the relief has come from lower energy prices, a volatile component that the Bank of Canada tends to exclude when making policy decisions. READ MORE


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