Angus Valley Montessori Schools: Montessori Teacher

Full Job Description Montessori Teacher

  • Bachelor’s Degree (Preferred)
  • Teaching: 1 year (Preferred)

Full Job Description

The Employee will be responsible for all duties as per enclosed job description and as instructed by the Employer which shall include amongst other responsibilities as follows:

  • Complete compliance with the “Angus Valley Montessori School Staff Handbook” and all AVMS policies.
  • Help your team to follow AVMS’s curriculum, philosophy, schedule and children’s individual goals.

Class planning and implementation:

  • Create both indoor and outdoor program plans on a weekly basis. Weekly plans are to be submitted to the office by Friday morning for the following week.
  • Follow the class schedule as provided, with minimal changes to the routines and planning.
    Weekly planning must be based on class observation and guidelines provided in the curriculum and should have an input from all the class teachers.
  • Child’s Daily Schedule should include the following hands-on activities:

o Practical Life Exercises
o Sensorial/Art Activities
o Cultural Activities
o Language and Enrichment of Vocabulary
o Mathematical and Conceptual Development

o Music and Movemen

o Gross motor indoors and outdoors

  • Utilize classroom technology as required while always adhering to all Angus Valley Montessori Schools privacy and confidentiality policies. This includes but not limited to the use of school Cell Phones, iPads and computers.

Record keeping duties for class:

Documentation of a complete academic term is mandatory, following is the list of class record:

  • Logbook
  • Class web chart
  • Weekly programmer plan
  • Observation/development chart
  • Montessori material tracking sheet
  • Prepare and distribute all report cards for assigned students and conduct parent interviews after the report days.

Maintaining your class environment:

Montessori directress oversees her class and class activities in her Casa classroom which include the following responsibilities:

  • The display of Montessori material according to interest, weather and ability of the children in class.
  • Updating your class shelves/class boards on weekly/monthly basis.
  • Montessori material presentations.
  • In charge of class material/books.

Attending workshops and school events:

  • In service training programs are carried on PA days and in the beginning of sessions. These training workshops instruct teachers on Angus Valley Montessori School’s systems and procedures, and the latest teaching methodology.
  • Staff meetings are mandatory.

To apply, please submit your resume to Syeda Hasnain, Director of Education at