Utesh Charan, Gorilla Property Services

Monkey Business: Entrepreneur Finds Success with Gorilla Property Services

From where small business owner Utesh Charan is standing, the future of franchising looks bright. On a typical day, the Gorilla Property Services franchisee can be found outside in the sun, tackling some of the biggest property maintenance tasks around.

For someone used to working inside, working outdoors is definitely a perk that brightens Charan’s day.

But even when the weather is less than optimal, Charan never backs down from the chance to also brighten the day of his customers. In sun, rain or snow, he can be counted on to show up and take care of his clients’ property management needs.

It’s this tough mindset that attracted Charan to Gorilla Property Services in the first place. “As a Gorilla franchisee you’ve got to be tough. It says so in the name – Gorilla.”

From the moment the beloved “monkey” truck powers down the street, clients know they’ll receive the highest quality of care, whether that’s in pressure washing, gutter cleaning, or roof cleaning services.

And franchisees, like Charan, are not only proud of consistently delivering those kinds of services, but are grateful for the financial security that comes along with being part of a reputable franchise system.

“I love the return of investment,” Charan notes cheerfully, “I credit the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) for helping me to get started.”

Finding Success with Canada’s #1 Franchise Directory

Sometimes all you need to propel yourself into success is the right franchise opportunity.

And it often begins with leveraging the right kinds of tools. Tools like Canada’s number one online directory – lookforafranchise.ca.

It’s what Charan did. “I was looking for an opportunity where I could be my own boss and still be profitable,” he recounts. “So I decided to search on the CFA online directory, lookforafranchise.ca. It wasn’t just any old site. It’s backed by credibility and it’s under a trustworthy umbrella.”

Fast forward one year later and Charan is still appreciative of his decision to search for a franchise using the CFA online directory. He gets to be part of Gorilla Property Services – an opportunity that generates profits with the added bonus of the independence and support he’s longed for.

His advice to others looking for a similar opportunity: “There is no substitute for hard work. With hard work and determination, I believe anyone can find success and be part of a rewarding franchise like Gorilla Property Services.”