July/August 2017

2017 Award-Winning Franchise Brands: Franchisees’ Choice

A franchise that becomes a top brand has an innovative mindset and goes above and beyond to create the ultimate experience of satisfaction for both its customers and franchisees. To be a respected, distinguished franchise system means that the brand is thriving and continuing to grow. Such achievements should be recognized by the entire franchising industry, which is why the Canadian Franchise Association is proud to present its range of awards each year at CFA’s National Convention.

Are you looking for a franchise that fits into all of your ideals for success? You’re in the right place. This special section showcases the winners of the 2017 CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising, Franchisees’ Choice Designation, and CFA Recognition Awards. CFA presented these awards to the franchises that were distinguished as outstanding brands throughout the year.

Read on to learn about these award-winning brands, and why they’re the recipients of these franchising accolades!

2017 Franchisees’ Choice

What do the franchise systems featured below have in common? While they are all unique concepts and operate in a variety of business sectors and indus­tries, these franchises have the distinction of being named as Franchisees’ Choice designees, receiving high rankings from their franchisees.

The Franchisees’ Choice designees are CFA member franchise systems who voluntarily took part in an independently-administered survey. Their franchisees were asked to rate the franchisor in key areas of the franchise business model, including leadership; business planning and marketing; training and support; ongoing operations; and the relation­ship between the franchisor and franchisee.

“The true strength of a franchise system lies in the mutually-rewarding relationship between a franchisor and its franchisees,” says Lorraine McLachlan, CFA President and Chief Executive Officer. “Being a Fran­chisees’ Choice designee is a high honour because the high rankings in franchisee satisfaction come directly from the franchisees themselves.”

In the due diligence process of investigating a franchise opportunity, speaking with existing franchisees about the opportunity being explored is essential. For prospective franchisees, the Franchisees’ Choice desig­nation identifies that a franchise brand has received solid endorsement and ratings from its franchisees in areas such as:

  • Franchisee selection process
  • Franchise information package
  • Leadership
  • Training and support
  • Operations and improvements
  • Franchisor-franchisee relations

Regardless of any awards or recognitions a franchise system may receive, CFA and FranchiseCanada strongly recommend that prospective franchi­sees conduct thorough due diligence to help ensure that a franchise is the right fit for them.

Find out more about the Franchisees’ Choice designation and this year’s recipients at www.FranchiseesChoice.ca.

The 2017 Franchisees’ Choice Designees Are (in alphabetical order):

Celebrating an Ongoing Commitment to Franchise Excellence

A number of franchises have earned the Franchisees’ Choice Designation multiple years in a row, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to franchise excellence and strong franchisor-franchisee relations. In recognition of their achievement, CFA has created special logos that these franchise systems can use to display their consistently high scores from their franchisees.

The 2017 Franchisees’ Choice Seven-Year Designees Are:

The 2017 Franchisees’ Choice Six-Year Designees Are:

The 2017 Franchisees’ Choice Five-Year Designees Are:

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