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Promoted Story: Franchising for the Future franchisees are playing a key role in transforming the Canadian real estate industry

By Lauren Huneault

The current real estate model has been in place for a century, but thanks to and its franchisees, it’s starting to look a lot different.

“We believe that the real estate category is experiencing growth, especially in new models like, because it is primed with a ton of disruption opportunities,” explains Ken LeBlanc,president and CEO of He notes the shift that has already happened in other industries such as shopping (Amazon), accommodations (Airbnb), transportation (Uber), and entertainment (Netflix). “The real estate category is the last real giant that is still dominated by a 100-year traditional model, but that clock is quickly ticking to turn it upside down to the benefit of buyers and sellers.”

LeBlanc says that focus on buyers and sellers is key to the brand’s disruption of the market.

“At, we firmly believe in empowering home buyers and sellers by putting them at the core of the transaction, whereas in the traditional real estate model, the agent is in complete control,” says LeBlanc. “Many Canadians are looking for more transparency in the process, control over what’s happening, and money in the bank after their real estate transactions.”

He adds that services are based on a flat fee (you only pay for what you get), instead of a commission percentage of the home’s value, which can save sellers tens of thousands of dollars.

Innovation through technology

As with all businesses, felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but as LeBlanc notes, “The reality is that many people are still buying and selling homes.” And, thanks to technology already in place to service a wide franchisee network across North America, franchisees were able to continue to conduct most of their business online, including interacting with customers.

“We were already leading the way with virtual home tours, and they have become one of our biggest assets, as well as video chats to better serve and support customers safely, as opposed to face-to-face appointments,” says LeBlanc.

Recognizing the importance of launching a new web platform just weeks before the pandemic was declared, LeBlanc says technology will continue to play a major role for going forward.

“We continue to introduce innovative services to ensure that franchisees and customers are supported, from e-signatures and buyer services to including remote signings (legal) and hosting our first virtual franchise conference in February 2021,” he explains. “We also recently launched a new online home estimate tool to help answer the most popular question on prospective sellers’ minds: ‘how much is my house worth?’ Our franchisees are able to promote this locally to help reach more sellers in their area before they make a listing decision.”

Franchisees are paving the way forward

LeBlanc says franchisees play a crucial role in helping to advance the concept throughout Canada and beyond. He notes that key benefits of franchising with include access to a proven system for success, including nationwide resources and support; robust technology tools; and the freedom to build your business around your own goals and lifestyle.

On the other hand, the biggest challenge for LeBlanc and his team is to find the right franchisees for the right locations. “Because the real estate is inherently local, our success in each market weighs heavily on selecting the right franchisee.”

So what do those successful franchisees look like? LeBlanc says they’re leaders from all backgrounds who want something different from the “9-5 corporate grind” and want to be in control of their own success and establish their own work-life balance.

To get up to speed on and its approach to real estate, franchisees go through a rigorous orientation process at University (PGU). After ‘graduating’ from PGU, they continue to take part in PGU+ training and coaching sessions. There are also opportunities for new franchisees to receive mentoring from more veteran franchisees, and franchisees can connect with each other through the online franchisee community. Operational support is also available seven days a week to assist franchisees and customers as required.

The future of real estate

As continues to bring passionate franchisees on board who can help in transforming the real estate industry, what does the future look like for the brand?

LeBlanc says will “continue to strive to become a platform for everything real estate.” Through this platform, people will have access to a one-stop shop for residential, commercial, rental, and vacation properties. “We want to build a community where people enjoy flexibility – they get what they need, when they need it – instead of trying to fit into the box of the traditional industry model. That means keeping the theme of high-tech (with our platform) and high-touch (with our local franchisees) top of mind,” he explains.

Brand expansion will also continue in the long term, especially internationally, notes LeBlanc. is looking to award 10 more master franchise agreements in the U.S. over the next three years. “To put that in perspective, each master franchise territory can have hundreds of franchise units to develop. We’re eying exponential growth in the near future and showing no signs of slowing down!”

For those who are considering franchising in this uncertain time, LeBlanc says your success in franchising comes down to having the right mindset. “Success is all about attitude and passion, which starts within the entrepreneur. It will fuel your late nights, hard work, and challenging days. It will also boost you through your highest achievements, lead to life-long connections, and fuel your growth – all the way to the top.”

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