Franchises Across Canada September/October 2017

Burger Franchises Across Canada

The strongest growth in the food industry in 2016 belonged to quick service restaurants, which saw a forecasted growth of 6.3 per cent, or $28,563 million (Foodservice and Hospitality). Burgers are quick to make, easy to find, and universally enjoyed throughout the world all year. This popularity, combined with food trends such as gourmet burgers, makes the prospect of owning a burger franchise an appealing one. And, despite the seemingly simplistic nature of the burger, there are so many styles and approaches to developing a burger restaurant that prospective franchisees can find the opportunity that caters to their specific tastes.

FranchiseCanada is serving up a selection of burger franchises across the nation; read on to find one that satisfies your budget, qualifications, and location!

A&W Food Services of Canada

A&W Food Services of Canada is Canada’s original burger chain. A&W began as a drive-in restaurant in 1956, and has expanded to more than 890 restaurants across Canada from coast to coast. Franchise opportunities available include Drive Thru (Free Standing or Convenience) and an Urban restaurant model. The Urban Associate program for young entrepreneurs was introduced in 2016, and Multi-unit development opportunities are limited.

Franchisees have access to the famous A&W brand name, along with a national advertising plan, and are supported by the training and mentorship of the A&W opening team and operating specialists.

A&W received Gold in the 2017 CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising, and was recognized as a CFA Franchisees’ Choice designee.

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Big Smoke Burger

Big Smoke Burger provides a quality-driven approach to the fast casual burger segment. Featuring 100 per cent Canadian AAA ground chuck beef burgers that are fresh, never frozen, and charbroiled on a custom grill.

The company provides a collaborative approach to site selection, lease negotiation, and construction and financing support. The program also includes a five-week training program for new franchisees and management with in-store support, National and Local Store Marketing support, approved vendors, and hands-on pre-opening and post-opening support.

Big Smoke Burger is looking for like-minded individuals who share the company’s commitment to quality, with single and multi-unit franchise ownership opportunities available. The system is seeking those who desire to control the day-to-day operations.

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Boardwalk Fries Burgers & Shakes

Since 1981, Boardwalk Fries, Burgers and Shakes has been bringing the beach experience around the world. With 250 franchises under development, they are one of the fastest-growing fast casual concepts in Canada. With a combined franchise experience of more than 30 years, Boardwalk has developed a strong support system to ensure success. Franchisees undergo a hands-on training program, and also receive expertise and support from the corporate team for real estate and site selection, while a dedicated operations team member provides on-site support leading up to the grand opening. Boardwalk is currently offering single and multi-unit franchise opportunities, as well as development areas.

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Burger King Canada

Burger King is the second-largest hamburger restaurant chain in the world, and has been operating since 1954. Franchisees have a wide range of franchise opportunities to choose from, and are backed by a world-class support system. Franchisees attend a Franchisee Orientation and participate in an in-store training program that lasts seven to 10 weeks. From a team of experts with extensive knowledge to help with business growth, to a marketing team dedicated to innovation and success—Burger King Franchisees are given the resources they need to operate a successful business. Franchisees consult with a Franchise Performance Manager on all aspects of restaurant operations, who provides ongoing support.

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CaliBurger Canada

As a global California-lifestyle restaurant chain with a presence worldwide, Caliburger is fast-growing and currently expanding in Canada and other countries due to the market for Cali-style burgers and fries. The company is launching a franchise program in partnership with Fransmart and other qualified franchise partners, who are committed to developing multiple locations and prime domestic and global markets. Ideal franchise partners are passionate and enthusiastic, committed to a multi-unit development agreement of four to 20 units, and have business experience and real estate knowledge.

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Carl’s Jr.

Operating since 1941, and with more than 1,500 restaurants worldwide, Carl’s Jr. has established itself as a premier burger chain in America. Prospective franchisees with previous franchise or restaurant experience are preferred, and franchisees looking to sign a Franchise Agreement must be able to commit to a 20-year term. Carl’s Jr. provides a support system that includes guidance with site selection, restaurant design, and construction. There is a 10-week training program for franchisees and senior management, and once franchisees have opened their business, ongoing support is provided to assist with operations, field support, and marketing.

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Cheese Curds Gourmet Burgers & Poutinerie

Cheese Curds is a gourmet burger and poutine quick service restaurant with a strict focus on fresh, chef-inspired food, and is a brand of Chef Inspired Group of Restaurants. As a Chef Inspired brand, Cheese Curds offers a hands-on training program at their head office in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and trainers will also go to the restaurant location just prior to opening for more last-minute training and opening support. Franchisees also receive operations and marketing support, ongoing learning programs for owners and staff, store development assistance, design support, lease negotiations, and much more. The company currently has immediate opportunities available at multiple locations around Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

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Dairy Queen Canada

What started as an ice cream store in Illinois more than 77 years ago, DQ is now one of the largest fast food systems in the world, with more than 7,000 restaurants between the United States, Canada, and 18 other countries. The company has a proven business model that involves strong customer loyalty and relationship to the brand. Franchisees can choose either a DQ Grill & Chill or a non-traditional location such as an airport or travel plaza. DQ franchisees will have access to a support system for design, architecture, construction, and operations, and training programs and opening teams are provided, along with regional marketing consultants.

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Fatburger began in Southern California in 1952, and has continued to expand for over the past 65 years. The first Fatburger Canada location opened in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2005, and the Canadian owned and operated company has been growing ever since.

The Fatburger location model varies from 2,000 sq. ft. high-profile end cap corner units in major retail centres, to in-line urban locations that range from 1,000-1,400 sq. ft. Fatburger is looking for franchisees with entrepreneurial abilities, effective business management capabilities, and a commitment to Fatburger’s system and standards. Ongoing training and support is provided.

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Fresh Burger

Fresh Burger is a boutique burger restaurant with an open kitchen concept that puts the profitability of the franchisee first. The concept is unique in Canada because of its limited menu of only burgers, fries, and poutine. Fresh Burger uses fresh meat and ingredients for its toppings. The stores have no freezers.

The concept was created to be simple to operate and manage, and to minimize the up-front capital investment and maximize profit margins. Fresh Burger has two locations (one corporate and one franchised) and three more in development, all in the GTA, and is looking to grow through franchising, using the flagship Richmond Hill location as its prototype.

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Harvey’s is a CARA brand with more than 800 units across Canada, and prides itself as being a true Canadian burger brand. Being part of the CARA system means being part of a system with wide sales of approximately $1.7 billion and over 50,000 employees nationwide. Harvey’s is looking for people with strong leadership skills, community ties, and who are passionate about delivering the Harvey’s brand of standard and customer service. Franchisees receive ongoing support for the real estate, purchasing, construction, marketing, and information technology of their location.

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Hero Certified Burgers

Established in 2003, Hero Certified Burgers is the exclusive provider of Canadian Angus beef, and they pride themselves on serving real, wholesome food. Hero Burgers franchisees are focused on success and have prior experience with management and business. Prior restaurant experience is preferred, but not necessary. The business model supports franchisees with a two-week training course, as well as ongoing training from the head office throughout the year. As per their Franchise Agreement, franchisees act as full-time managers at their locations, as Hero Certified Burgers believes in a “Hands On” approach to effectively manage operations.

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Since the first franchised outlet opened in 1968, McDonald’s is now a global leader in the quick service restaurant industry. Prospective applicants should have extensive business experience – preferably with a strong management background. Retail experience is also considered an asset. Potential franchisees must be ready to commit to an extensive training program that can take between nine months to two years to complete. This training is self-administered, and can be done either through a full-time or part-time option. Franchisees also receive local and national support in the areas of operations, training, advertising, marketing, human resources, real estate, construction, purchasing, and equipment purchasing and maintenance.

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An MTY Group brand, O’Burger serves the best of both worlds: delicious gourmet hamburgers served in a timely, fast food manner, and in a comfortable and chic atmosphere. O’Burger uses the finest ingredients, such as 100 per cent Angus beef, and fresh hand-cut fries.

By joining the MTY Group, franchisees are guided by a strong support system. The company provides tools and programs to ensure operational efficiency, while the marketing department provides internal strategies and local marketing activities to boost visibility and generate traffic. Beyond initial training, MTY Group offers ongoing support for as long as the franchisee is operating.

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South St. Burger

Canadian establishment serves premium food in a contemporary-style, loft-like environment, featuring fresh burgers made with 100 per cent Angus beef; additive-free, raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics grilled chicken breasts; veggie burgers; turkey burgers; all-beef hot dogs; and Oktoberfest sausages. There are 40 restaurants in Canada, plus one location in Dubai. South St. Burger was recently named one of Canada’s Best Managed Private Companies for the fourth year in a row.

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Triple O’s

Triple O’s has 67 burger restaurants located throughout British Columbia, in Edmonton, Alberta, plus several locations in Asia, offering a casual and authentic burger dining experience.

Ideal qualities of a Triple O’s franchisee include experience in the food service industry, passion for the Triple O’s brand, as well as the financial wherewithal. Franchisees are supported with an extensive training program and a team of highly-qualified experts to provide guidance in all areas of the business, including menu development, marketing, supply management, and design and construction.

Created by the iconic B.C. brand White Spot Limited, Triple O’s is proud to be one of the 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada.

Learn more about Triple O’s franchise opportunities

Union Burger

Union Burger® is an everyday burger joint and community get-together spot built to unite great-tasting, fresh burgers and fries with friends and families throughout the cities it resides in.

As a Canadian company, Union Burger® takes pride in uniting its fresh 100 per cent Canadian beef burgers and fresh hand-cut fries. Serving customers its $4.99 Quarter Pound Value Combo; Signature Burgers, Beer for only $2.99; $1 Soft Ice Cream Cones and more all day, every day! Great menu options combined with the modern look and counter-style, quick-serve format provide a memorable and satisfying experience for every customer.

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Wendy’s has established itself as a quality leader in the quick service restaurant industry, using fresh ingredients in restaurants that maintain a high standard of cleanliness and comfort. Wendy’s is looking for committed, passionate franchisees with demonstrated exceptional managerial and business acumen, including prior restaurant experience. Wendy’s franchisees are interested in pursuing multi-unit opportunities, and have access to adequate capital for reinvestment in Wendy’s Image Activation Program and new restaurant development. Ongoing direct support from skilled operators in aspects such as training, marketing, construction and quality assurance is provided.

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Wimpy’s Diner

Wimpy’s Diner is a full menu diner-style restaurant chain with a nostalgic ‘50s and ‘60s atmosphere. The company offers several franchise options: a Wimpy’s Diner franchise, turnkey operation, territory rights, and Master Franchise. Franchisees have the opportunity to get involved in a proven brand system and concept that is constantly upgrading with the marketplace. Training will be provided to ensure easy adjusting and job security, as well as knowledge of business techniques and lifetime support so that franchisees are successful throughout the duration of their business.

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The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro

The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro is an award-winning, full service restaurant that began in Ottawa in 2001, and is known for its gourmet burgers, fresh-cut fries, classic shakes, and ice cold beer. Franchisees with previous experience can be Owner Operators, where they act as the General Manager of a location. There is also the option to act as an Owner, which involves adding someone to the ownership group who has deep restaurant management experience. Training and ongoing support is provided for guidance on aspects such as store design, construction, and location, including access to the senior management team.

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Beef is Big in Canada!

Beef farming and consumption is big in Canada, with Canada’s Beef Industry reporting in 2016, that:

  • There are 68,434 farms and ranches with beef cattle in Canada
  • There are 11.96 million total cattle and calves in Canada (including 1.40 million dairy cattle), up 0.3% since 2015
  • In 2015, Canada produced 2.7 billion pounds of beef
  • Beef production contributed $15 billion to Canada’s GDP (2011-2015 average)
  • Canada produces 1.8% of the world’s beef supply
  • Canadians consume 39.26 lbs (17.8 kg) of beef per person annually

(Canada’s Beef Industry Fast Facts, June 2016)

Canadians are big into beef, and this consumption often comes in the form of a juicy burger:

  • 89% of all Canadians consumers say they eat burgers at least once a month
  • 82% of Canadian consumers say the quality or taste of the meat is one of the most important factors when they purchase a burger
  • 57% of Canadian consumers say they find build-your-own-burger concepts appealing, and 55% say it’s important to be able to customize burger toppings and condiments

(Technomic Inc., The Canadian Burger Consumer Trend Report, 2013)



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