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Canada Bread Franchisee Contributes to Lethbridge’s Care from The Heart Campaign

Sheldon & Julie McLachlan partner with Costco to raise funds for local hospital   

Sheldon McLachlan has always seen the value in giving back. Well before the Southern Alberta native joined the Canada Bread team as a franchise owner in 2012, he stayed active in the Lethbridge community where he owns and operates his franchise today.

Whether he was coaching sports teams or working with youth groups within his local church, the entrepreneur has made it a priority to volunteer in some shape or form. So, when McLachlan invested in a franchise of the popular baking manufacturer, he was eager to make a significant impact on the community as a small business owner too.

“Local charities have an unlimited impact on our communities,” McLachlan says. “The Lethbridge community has given so much to me and my family. I wanted to give back to the area in a meaningful way.”

Shortly into his new business as a franchise owner, McLachlan and his team joined forces with Lethbridge’s Costco location, one of their customers, and a strong supporter of a local charity campaign started by the city’s Chinook Regional Hospital called Care from The Heart.

Funds raised for Care from The Heart are used to purchase medical equipment for the hospital, helping to assess and treat patients in Lethbridge and the surrounding area. For their part, Lethbridge Costco encourages customers to donate at the checkout and has seen tremendous success in funds raised over the years.

After witnessing first-hand the success of Costco’s initiatives, and with support from his Territory Sales Manager Pat Dowell, McLachlan approached Costco with an idea to get his business involved.

“We have some sweet goods that we sell to Costco, so I thought we could use this product to contribute in some way to the campaign,” McLachlan says. Now, on an annual basis, anytime a unit of sweet goods is purchased at Lethbridge’s Costco, McLachlan donates one dollar directly to Care from The Heart.

It’s been four years since McLachlan’s Canada Bread franchise business has been involved with the campaign and the franchisee says the entire team feels proud to give back.

“It’s great to know that the funds we’ve contributed are going to equipment and resources that are helping to better serve our community,” he says. “We’ve been able to provide this donation year after year, and each year that donation has grown in leaps and bounds.”

For McLachlan, serving his local community is a defining factor when determining other charitable initiatives his location may support in the future, ultimately saying he wants to ensure the charity benefits the greatest number of people in the community, not just a select few.

And with Care from The Heart, the entire Lethbridge community is feeling a positive impact whether or not they are directly impacted by the campaign. This especially rings true for McLachlan and his employees.

“There’s now a special bond that exists within our team,” he says. “Even though they’re not taking money out of their own pockets, they are still contributing to their community by setting up the displays and distributing the product. It gives everyone a sense of great satisfaction!”

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