Franchise Fun March/April 2021

Franchise Fun: Making Math Fun

UCMAS Mental Math’s Anand Karia puts passion first both inside and outside of his work in franchising

At UCMAS Mental Math, they operate with the goal of providing “Education with a Difference.” Anand Karia, president, says the education franchise “builds careers for children by focusing on making their foundation strong using math and Abacus as a tool. Rather than focusing on one subject, UCMAS aims at improving the cognitive skills of a child by teaching them visual math using images, thus developing the right side of their brain.”

UCMAS Mental Math opened the doors to its first centre back in 1993 in Malaysia with the aim of providing Abacus and mental math education to students aged five to 13 years old. Today, they maintain their world-class Abacus Math program across more than 6,000 centres in more than 80 countries. The Abacus tool is based on an ancient concept where students use countable beads to perform mathematic calculations until they’re able to use visualizations to complete mental calculations in their brain.

Here, Karia shares his passion for franchising and being an open and understanding leader for his franchisees, while emphasizing the importance of loving what you do every day. As a self-described foodie and sports freak with a humorous side, Karia reveals his passion for painting, his tight-knit relationship with his dad, and how he lives an inspiring life with no regrets, among much more!

The most interesting thing I’ve done recently is… Reignite my passion of painting on canvas. Learnt a new concept in acrylic painting and painted a few pieces.

In its best form, work is… Love! If you love your work, it’s not work at all.

A good franchisee… Is one who is a team player, who contributes regularly to the company’s growth by offering ideas and suggestions. One who does not feel they are a franchisee but are a business partner.

A good franchisor… Is one who listens and is open to constructive ideas and puts themself in their franchisees’ shoes to understand what they want.

My top advice for prospective franchisees is… Don’t spend the money and time on something someone has already done. Join the team and get a head start!

My top advice for new franchisors is… Professionalism is good, but relationships are more important. Always be there for franchisees through thick and thin.

The most important thing in life is… Loving what you do and having a strong work ethic, which gives you peace of mind and a good night’s sleep. Good business ethics will always result in good business.

One of the most enjoyable things to do is… Discuss with someone how they can take their first step into the world of business. It’s a pleasure discussing their dreams and how to achieve them.

The hardest thing for me to do is… Start a diet.

My favourite drink is… Scotch on the rocks with five drops of water.

If I could change one thing… I’m happy with the way I have lived my life. I have no regrets and nothing to change.

If I could meet anyone… I would love to meet Barack Obama.

The person who has had the most positive influence on me as a businessperson is… My dad. He taught me the importance of ethical and transparent business.

Canadian franchising is… The best thing that has happened to me. I started small 17 years ago, but with a lot of hard work and support of all the franchisees who put their trust into my company, we have grown to 100 franchisees across the country.

My franchise system began because… We had a vision to make every child use their full potential and excel in academics. We saw the fear of math and brought a product which makes math fun, while removing their worry.

The most positive influence on my life as a person is… My dad. He taught me to always be honest, kind, and do good for others.

The key to success is… Believing in yourself, your product, and your team, and honesty and business ethics.

I’d like my friends to describe me as… A fun guy and who is always there for them.

The accomplishment I look forward to the most is… Being happy and staying happy for the rest of my life.

My personal motto is… Be good, be true, be kind. Happiness is more important than money.

One necessary item on my life’s “to do” list is… Visit all the places you see on National Geographic!