March/April 2018

Franchising Gives Back: 30 Minute Hit

When Jackson and Deanna Loychuk founded 30 Minute Hit in 2004, their goal was simple yet inspiring. The husband-and-wife power duo aimed to establish a fitness centre devoted to empowering women both physically and in their daily lives, using a unique workout regime.

The result was a 30-minute circuit combining boxing and kickboxing techniques, enabling women across the country to get their hearts pumping, with the added benefit of joining a fitness centre run by supportive franchisees.

“We hear countless stories from our members about how our program has assisted them on a personal level,” says Jackson. “We have created an intimate community where women help one another reach their fitness goals, and in return, feel more confident in their lives as mothers, daughters, sisters, and spouses.”

For the Loychuks, the feel-good nature of the business encouraged them to make a difference in the lives of all women. In 2011, the partners established 30 Minute Hit’s Kick the *&%! Out of Cancer charity, teaming up with provincial cancer foundations to, as the name implies, work to eliminate women’s cancer.

In the eight years since, Kick the *&%! Out of Cancer events have been held throughout the month of October at locations across the country, and 30 Minute Hit has expanded its charitable efforts to a national level, with all proceeds raised donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

“Our business has received insurmountable support from communities across the country, and we felt it was time we give back, too,” says Deanna. “The charity is great because it not only raises money for female cancer treatment and research, but also motivates our members to stay active.”

Members are encouraged to increase the number of times they complete the 30 Minute Hit circuit during the month in an effort to raise funds. In addition to donating their own money, participants are sponsored by family and friends, who will raise their donations each time the fitness routine is successfully finished.

The results have been astounding, not only in terms of money raised, but for 30 Minute Hit members. Both franchisees and members are enthusiastically committed to the cause, and the business has seen a surge in participation each year since the event started.

“It builds a sense of community, because everyone is doing it,” Deanna says. “It’s pretty cool when you walk into one of our locations and the floor is packed with women wearing our Kick the *&%! Out of Cancer pink shirts and completing the circuit, all for a common goal.”

The motivation members feel has even seeped into the local communities where 30 Minute Hit locations are active. Franchise owners have been known to host pub nights open to the public, where prizes are auctioned off in support of the cause, and the Loychuks have even welcomed men to take part in the circuit.

For a special one night only, 30 Minute Hit locations across the country open their doors to the brothers, husbands, and sons of their members, who will pay a donation fee to complete the workout regime. The franchise also encourages members to take advantage of their Trainer Payback program. Gym junkies can literally get workout payback by donating five dollars to the Canadian Cancer Society to see their trainers complete one station on the 30 Minute Hit circuit.

With seven years under their belt, the Loychuks, 30 Minute Hit franchisees, and their members have raised well over $800,000 in support of women’s cancer treatment, and that number is only expected to increase over the next couple of years.

“Our goal is to hit over one million in our tenth year,” Deanna says.

Achieving that goal shouldn’t be a problem. With more 30 Minute Hit locations opening across the country from Halifax to Victoria, and with the company expanding into the United States, member participation is increasing, and the co-founders say every year more money is raised than the year prior.

“Everyone at 30 Minute Hit is inspired to reach this goal,” says Deanna. “And even after we’ve reached it, we have no plans of slowing down. Everyone’s been affected by cancer, and we’re committed to helping women across the country beat it.”

By Kristin Di Tommaso