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GetintheLoop Officially Launches on Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the US, Plus Web App Improvements

The platform that makes it easier for consumers to explore businesses, discover offers, redeem rewards, and support local is now available in America with 260 venues already onboard

As of March 11th, 2022 GetintheLoop is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for American consumers and business owners alike to download and explore. GetintheLoop’s goal is simple—to make it easier for consumers to shop local, and to help businesses adopt digital marketing strategies all within one platform.

GetintheLoop is unique because it serves more than one audience; local consumers, local businesses, prospect franchisees, larger partners like shopping centres and national brands, and third-party high-traffic digital platforms where GetintheLoop’s offers are integrated. Through these audiences, GetintheLoop becomes a digital network that helps communities thrive and connect in ways that aren’t possible without the platform.

As the first SaaS franchise model in the world, GetintheLoop’s expansion into the US is noteworthy for a young company of just 10 years. With 260 American venues on the platform upon launch and more in the process of onboarding, the launch was a success. A handful of GetintheLoop executives are currently touring parts of the US in talks with potential franchisees and Partners.

In addition to the US app launch, GetintheLoop’s development team has made major breakthroughs with the web app platform. To summarize the innovations, the team:

  • Moved the platform to a new modern code base that cut load times in half, displaying new offers 2x faster and allowing future innovations to be executed more quickly,
  • Adopted a new architecture that improves SEO performance in ways that weren’t possible before. This means GetintheLoop offers will appear more often through organic search engine searches, like “cafes near me” searches, for example,
  • Improved the navigation and overall aesthetic of the web app to now match that of the mobile app, making it easier to browse and redeem offers,
  • Made the new layout display 4 offers wide, letting Members view more offers at one time.

“One of the most exciting things you can do is say you’re going to expand into the US—it’s the market that everybody wants to try and tackle. As a Canadian company, we were so proud to get across the country the last year and a half. It’s an interesting time in our business; the tools we’ve built have become so impactful because businesses are looking to get online and connect with local consumers. We’re excited about what we can do in the US.”
Matt Crowell, Founder of GetintheLoop

The app is free to download and does not include any in-app purchases, and is currently available in Canada and the US. GetintheLoop’s app requires iOS 11 or later for Apple, and Android 5.0 or later for Android.

Visit for more about GetintheLoop, and for partner-oriented information about GetintheLoop. Those interested can also visit GetintheLoop’s YouTube channel for further explanation of GetintheLoop’s business model, most of them created by GetintheLoop founder Matt Crowell.

GetintheLoop is proud to be IFA (International Franchise Association) and CFA (Canadian Franchise Association) certified. Prior to the US app launch, GetintheLoop celebrated its first connection to the US through a partnership with BenefitHub, “the world’s largest employee lifestyle benefits company with 17 million global members”.

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For further information about GetintheLoop and media inquiries, contact:
Jason Mann
PR, Communications and Integrations

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