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Guinness World Records gets a brand new entry from Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS)

UCMAS Canada gets the prestigious entry in the Guinness World Record – organizing The Largest Abacus Lesson in History.

UCMAS Canada has proven that with perfect planning and grit determination, anything is possible, having achieved the Guinness World Record for the global network to conduct the largest abacus lesson ever in the world! Guinness World Records citation declares “The largest abacus lesson consists of 441 participants, achieved by UCMAS Canada Inc. (Canada) in Ontario, Canada, on 3rd June 2018”.

“It is amazing that UCMAS Canada was able to envision and execute such a task where 441 students were trained in the history and then the operations of the world’s first computer – the abacus. This record is dedicated to all our participants, their parents, our course instructors, franchisees, and our UCMAS Canada HO team. I further acknowledge the support and enthusiasm of the guests of honour, whose words of encouragement were instrumental in garnering this recordbreaking participation. We have received very good feedback on the success of this event and plan to roll-out more such initiatives on an expanded canvas across not only Canada but also the United States of America” said Megha Karia, CEO, UCMAS Canada, and USA.

UCMAS also breaks barriers at the WorldKings – World Records Union by hosting the Largest Mental Math Competition with 5700 mental math exams for Canadian students

This world record competition, included contestants from across the country, while most of the participants were from the state of Ontario, we also had students from Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Michigan and Washington State participate in this exciting record-creating event.

UCMAS is a global institution with operations in 80+ countries with a global franchise network of over 6,000 training centres. Having started its Canadian operations in year 2004, UCMAS Canada has trained over 50,000 students in mental math calculations using abacus as a tool and math as a medium. Besides developing number skills, UCMAS program helps improve cognitive skills amongst students in the age group of 4 to 13 years. For more information about the program please visit us at

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