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JDI Releases New Book

JDI gives away the insider tips to saving money on cleaning contracts

Burlington, Mar. 8th, 2018: People ask; “How do I select a good commercial cleaning company? Why is this so hard to do?” To solve the problem, the founders of JDI cleaning Systems collected all the tips, tricks and inside information they could find, and put it into a short book. Anyone set with this task, now has all the tools they need to find success in selecting a trusted commercial cleaning company – every time!

Joe Imbrogno and John Simpson’s new book titled; The NEW Insider’s Guide To Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company, makes the selection process much easier. Readers will learn how to save money by instantly assessing credentials, finding the right partner, and separating the casual from the professional cleaner. Most importantly, all this takes place while keeping a fixed eye on the bottom line. These ‘insider’ ideas are presented in a brief and simple manner, making it easy to pick up important tips on the first casual read through. Interspersed throughout the book are additional ‘Super Clean Tips’ that save even more money, time, and keep homeowners from making possible mistakes. Best of all, JDI is giving these books away, and the first chapter and full book download instructions are posted on the JDI website at Located in Burlington, the principals of JDI Cleaning Systems have been helping clients with their commercial cleaning projects for over twenty years.

For more information contact:
Joe Imbrogno at 1-800-567-5091 ext.12