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Pick Up and Go

Curbside pickup is here to stay—here’s how franchisees can master this innovation in their small businesses

By Moneris

Small businesses have been leading the way when it comes to finding innovative ways to keep their doors open. But returning to normal doesn’t mean that all of their hard work has to go down the drain. One pandemic innovation that’s here to stay is curbside pickup, and we can’t blame customers for wanting to keep this trend around. Ordering online from your favourite stores and going to pick up at a time that works for you? Sounds like a win to us. 

And curbside pickup is a win for business owners too. From helping with in-store shopping capacity to easing delivery costs, this hybrid alternative brings the best of in-person and online shopping together. Here are some ways franchisees can make sure they’re maximizing their curbside pickup potential.

Make the customer experience a breeze

From clear signage to timely communication, curbside pickup should be set up in a way that lets you set it and forget it. That could mean text or email updates that are sent directly to customers to let them know their order is ready, or signage to show them where they can park or walk up to collect their order. Franchisees can even use the reservation feature with Moneris Online to schedule pickup times to ensure there is enough time set aside to help each new arrival.

Anything that helps to reduce confusion and boost efficiency will help to keep customers satisfied and coming back to use the service.

Protection from chargebacks

Accepting payments over the phone for curbside pickup orders may be riskier than you think. Chargebacks are a very real problem for franchises where a customer pays for their order online or over the phone and arrives to pick it up later. 

One way to keep chargebacks at bay is to process payments through a web-based solution, like a Moneris Online website or the Moneris Virtual Terminal. Both options allow franchisees to send a receipt to the customer directly so they both have a record of the transaction. It’s also a good idea to ask for ID or the card used to process the transaction once the customer does arrive, confirming their identity, and making sure the order makes it to the right person.

Alternatively, a wireless terminal is a great option for those who want to meet customers outside or at their cars once they arrive to pick up their orders. This not only keeps the processing fees low, but it also helps to keep the chargeback risk at a minimum just like regular in-store transactions. 

Make pickup an alternative to delivery

Delivery has seen a huge uptake since the pandemic took hold, and it shows no signs of slowing down either. But with rising popularity comes longer delivery times and a potentially higher cost to franchisees or their customers. So, what’s the secret to taking advantage of the boost in online shopping while offering a faster and cheaper alternative to delivery? Curbside pickup of course. 

This option helps empower customers to stop by and pick up their orders at a time that works for them. It’s a great way for them to get to know a franchise business beyond the computer screen and can give franchisees an opportunity to upsell or make connections that’ll keep new customers coming back. Make sure you highlight at checkout that curbside pickup is an option as a free alternative to delivery.

Be prepared for opportunities and unknowns

Franchise owners know the ups and downs of pandemic restrictions better than anyone. In the midst of winter and flu season, a strong curbside process is a great way to stay ready for anything.

Curbside pickup is also a great way to cater to last-minute shoppers who are in a rush without having to worry about capacity limits during busy shopping seasons. All they have to do is order online at their leisure and pick up their order on their way to that anniversary dinner or holiday party. 

Whether franchise owners are curbside pickup converts or just know it’s a good option to keep their franchise competitive, doing it well can have great results. This hybrid way of shopping is a low-lift, high-reward scenario that can keep franchise businesses going no matter the state of the world.

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