March/April 2019

Promoted Story: Eat the Frog Fitness

After taking home the gold medal in the 2008 Olympics, Decathlete Bryan Clay set his sights on his next big challenge: developing a unique fitness program that incorporates science-based periodization training for results and safety. He and co-founder Joe Culver took the leap and founded Eat the Frog.


Eat the Frog offers a disruptive approach to fitness. Members in all age groups and fitness levels stay motivated with personalized programs designed to grow and maintain their momentum using metrics that assess functional fitness in cardio, strength, core power and flexibility.

“The big secret is that a lot of elite athletic training incorporates exercises designed to keep the body safe and functioning well in everyday life,” says Clay. “By minimizing risk, elite athletes can up their game and go for the gold. We’re using a similar approach for everyday folks who want to commit to fitness.”


“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” – Mark Twain

Eat the Frog is the antithesis of a one-size-fits-all workout regimen. Members are taught to master high-intensity, low-impact interval workouts in a group-training environment. With personalized training, members build habits to stay on track to reach their full fitness potential. This leads to a more consistent approach to fit-ness that accounts for recovery time, continual encouragement, and low risk of injury.


Eat the Frog studios are open 24/7. There is always a fitness professional in the studio to support members during coached class sessions. Virtual classes allow meeting the needs of a busy lifestyle no matter what time.

ASSESS – Coaches use a proprietary training method that incorporates heart rate training to accurately assess fitness in cardio, strength and flexibility every eight weeks. Using this data-based technique, the Eat the Frog Fitness is able to create a customized training plan for each member to help them achieve their fitness goals.
TRAIN – We recommend that each member complete at least three 55-minute customized workouts each week in a group environment. A fitness coach is on hand to provide guidance, answer questions, and help members refine their form for optimum performance. Workouts are high-intensity and low-impact, with recovery time built in to eliminate the chance of injuries.
ACHIEVE – The member and coach regroup every eight weeks to discuss how the member is feeling, which goals have been met, and how to continue to up the member’s fitness game.


A leading segment of the $28 billion fitness industry, the boutique fitness studio model has seen 70% growth in recent years and keeps growing. And with Eat the Frog’s innovative and tech-driven approach, it is poised to become an industry leader. With 225 franchise licenses sold already in the US and Canada, Eat the Frog plans to continue its rapid growth by opening nearly 40 new studios this year. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!


Eat the Frog knows that its success depends on yours. That’s why they offer:

  • Initial onboarding to franchise training in classroom, virtual, onsite, and local support
  • Third-party financing including 401K rollovers, leasing, SBA funding, and secured lines of credit
  • Securing real estate and lease negotiations to get you the best TI dollars and free rent
  • Architectural design and support
  • Marketing including print, targeted social media, membership pre-sales, radio, TV, and more
  • Operational support for pre-sales, grand opening, ongoing studio reviews, business coaching, etc.

For more information on franchise opportunities, call (800) 841-8363 or visit

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