July/August 2018 Publisher's Message

Publisher’s Message: Franchises Keeping Kids Engaged This Summer

Summer is upon us, and you know what that means. Thousands of Canadian youngsters from coast to coast are out of school and driving their parents off the walls with demands to entertain them. The July/August issue of Franchise Canada Magazine shines a spotlight on the franchise opportunities that will provide Canadian kids the chance to have fun, meet new friends, and grow this summer.

Once a minority in the industry, more and more women are entering the franchise sector than ever before. Along with keeping our kids active and mentally engaged, the importance of inspiring young girls to achieve their potential is equally critical. Our cover story features three women in franchising whose entrepreneurial spirit serves as a beacon of inspiration for girls across Canada and throughout the world. This issue features three different covers as we celebrate this trio of inspirational franchisees who are all equally worthy of gracing the cover of our magazine!

In our increasingly fast-paced world full of digital distractions, instilling a love of education within our children is also critical! In that spirit, we’ll showcase franchises that are helping develop kids’ minds with engaging lessons in mathematics, English, and other academic pursuits. We’ll also take an in-depth look at franchises that are dedicated to keeping kids active.

We also take a closer look at families in franchising as we feature companies who have embraced the power of family to operate a franchise business.  Whether it’s a husband-and-wife team, a parent-child duo, or a sibling setup, we show prospective franchisees the benefits of working with a family-owned and operated franchise.

As always, our regular features tell the inspirational stories of franchisees across Canada and their successes. Also in Franchise Canada‘s July/August issue, Dogtopia franchisee Ann Yanagawa shares her journey from teaching to managing two franchise locations in the Day in the Life article.

You’ll also read about Brent Foster with Pop-A-Lock, who has leveraged his experience serving the Canadian military into a successful first year as a franchisee with the Pop-A-Lock franchise. To top it all off, Kathryn Chayka inspires young entrepreneurs with her story of becoming the franchisee of 12 Wendy’s restaurants at just 25-years-old in the Millennials in Franchising article.

When it comes to getting kids to their summer activities, they’ll likely be loaded up in minivans and SUVs to get to the soccer field or outdoor education centre. Our Automotive Franchises Across Canada article goes from coast to coast to showcase the franchises that are keeping those vehicles running smoothly and safely with routine maintenance, repair, quality parts, and knowledgeable service.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a franchise that focuses specifically on kids and education, or are looking to see the kinds of doors starting a franchise will open for you, this issue has the tips, tricks, and tools you need to become the next franchising success story!

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