January/February 2020

Publisher’s Message: What’s Next for Franchising in 2020

As we enter 2020, it’s the perfect time to examine what lies ahead for franchising this year. But before we look ahead, we should look back at how the franchise sector has fared in 2019. Canadian franchising continues to grow. According to the Canadian Franchise Association’s (CFA) 2019 Franchise Forecast, there were projected to be more than 76,000 franchise locations in Canada by the end of 2019. The franchise sector was also projected to contribute more than $100 billion to the Canadian economy and to employ almost two million Canadians last year.

With these figures in mind, if your New Year’s resolution is to make the dream of owning your own business a reality, this January/February 2020 Franchising Trends issue of Franchise Canada is a great place to start. We share the tips, advice, and opportunities you need to learn more about franchising in Canada, along with inspiring success stories from members of the franchising community.

In the 2020 Franchise Outlook, we provide more background about the current state of the Canadian franchising industry, and outline five key categories to watch out for this year: food (including grocery & specialty shops), children’s products & services, senior services/transition/home care, home improvement/renovation/restoration, and health/wellness/fitness.

In the 2020 Franchise Outlook, franchise experts Gary Prenevost and Wayne Maillet help us examine how these categories, based on a year-over-year increase of Franchise Canada Directory listings and anecdotal evidence, are resonating with Canadian consumers and franchisees. Franchise brands within these categories also share their stories and provide insight into why they should be on your radar in 2020. If you’re interested in children’s products & services, we provide a closer look at the wide variety of opportunities available in this sector in our “Catering to Kids” feature, which maps out brands in this category from coast to coast.

This issue also explores other trends in franchising, including a focus on “going green.” In this issue, we feature three quick service restaurant franchises that are focused on environmental sustainability, sharing their specific initiatives and what they mean for their franchisees. Plus, we take a closer look at the role technology can play in franchising, where we examine three franchises that have bolstered their offering and operations through technology.

Franchising, however, is about more than just the trends and opportunities; it’s about passionate people. Working with family is critical to the success of your franchise business, as you’ll need the support of your loved ones to reach your full potential. With this in mind, many franchisees go into business with their family members, so, we share the stories of four franchisee families that are working together to make their franchise dreams come true.

With so many opportunities available in Canadian franchising, getting started can be overwhelming. In our “Why Choose a CFA Member?” article, we share the reasons you should begin your franchise search with CFA members. For example, CFA members adhere to our Code of Ethics, strive for excellence in franchising, and provide access to the CFA franchise community. Beyond this issue, we have other tools available to help you conduct the proper due diligence, from the range of resources on www.FranchiseCanada.Online, including the www.LookforaFranchise.ca online directory, to our Franchise Canada trade shows.

With the economic strength of franchising in Canada, the wide range of exciting opportunities available, and the breadth of and knowledge found in the franchise community, 2020 is a great time to explore franchising in Canada. We hope this issue helps provide the information and inspiration you need to make your dreams of owning your own business become a reality, and wish you success in 2020 and beyond!