Franchise Canada Chats Podcast Season 3

Season 3 Episode 9 | Catherine Monson – Leading Through Challenging Times

In this episode, we feature Catherine Monson, CEO & president of FASTSIGNS International. She explores how franchises across the country have been put to the test throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here, Catherine shares:

  • How to confront crisis as an opportunity for change, to refocus, and to capitalize on what’s coming in the future
  • Franchising best practices
  • How being an inspirational and effective leader involves learning how to develop a positive mental attitude with your team using goal directed behaviour.

This episode was adapted from Catherine’s keynote presentation titled “Leading Through Challenging Times” as part of the Canadian Franchise Association’s Business Recovery Summit Series. The month-long series of webinar presentations took place throughout October. You can learn more here.

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