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Season 4 Episode 6 | Spiritleaf – Cara Rose-Brown

In this episode, we talk to Spiritleaf franchisee, Cara Rose-Brown, who opened a franchise in Stitsville, Ontario with her husband Tim in July 2020. The couple have been franchising together for more than 20 years.

Spiritleaf is a Canadian cannabis brand that currently has 68 franchise units across Canada. They operate with the goal of being the most knowledgeable and trusted retailer of recreational cannabis. 

Here, Cara shares:

  • Why she and Tim decided to open a Spiritleaf franchise to help bring cannabis to their small community in Ottawa
  • How she and Tim won Spiritleaf’s Franchise Partners of the Year award in December 2020, just five months after opening their franchise
  • And how the entrepreneurial spirit runs in the family, as the couple also introduced their son Mitch to franchising and hope to leave a legacy for him with their Spiritleaf franchise, and much more.