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Season 6.5 Episode 2 – Walter Bond: The Formula for Greatness

Franchise Canada Chats is overjoyed to welcome motivational leader and former NBA player, Walter Bond to the podcast! On this episode, guest host Kirk Allen from Reshift Media breaks down the fundamentals of franchising with Bond.

During this episode, Bond addresses the pivotal role sports played when building his business mindset, and acknowledged the do’s and don’ts of community building in franchising.

Key points to look out for during this episode:

  • There are strong parallels between sports and business
  • The culture of a brand has to start from the top and work its way to the bottom of the organization
  • As a franchise owner, you have to follow the “playbook” of franchising
  • The value of the franchisee/employee relationship
  • Building relationships is a key factor in business
  • The Raptors have a winning culture!

Check Out the Podcast with Kirk and Walter here!


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