March/April 2020

Special Franchise Focus: Hair, Beauty, Health & Fitness Franchises

Canadians are more educated and health-conscious than ever before and are turning to health and fitness franchises for help in maintaining healthy and active lifestyles. Whether they’re seeking solutions in the form of nutrition, wellness, yoga, or fitness, Canadians are using the services offered from franchises across the country to try to improve their bodies and minds.

While Canadians look to improve their health through wellness and fitness, they’re also interested in taking the time for ‘self care,’ which is where hair and beauty treatments/services come in. Whether they’re getting their hair cut or coloured, getting a pedicure or manicure, or seeking treatments to improve their skin, Canadians are spending money on the services that are helping to make them look and feel better from the inside out.

The franchises featured in this special focus are at the exciting forefront of hair, beauty, health, and fitness, and they come out of a long tradition of businesses that offer personal care and health services. Many of the services involved have a history of use that stretches back for centuries. Franchising had a part to play in this history, as well, with hair care the focus of what is considered the first modern franchise system.

Read on to learn all about the franchise brands that are providing the services that make Canadians look and feel great! Plus check out some of the fast facts about the fascinating origins of these services, and the history behind the first franchise.

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