Company Profiles May/June 2022

Spreading Wellness

Health, fitness, and beauty brands share secrets of success and happy, healthy customers

By Jessica Burgess

For budding business owners interested in the wellness space, a franchise system that prioritizes customers’ self-care could be the perfect way to marry a desire to promote healthy lifestyles with the drive for business success. Here, we explore four brands specializing in beauty, nutrition, and fitness, and share their tips for future franchisees.

WAXON Laser + Waxbar

On the surface, WAXON Laser + Waxbar is a brand specializing in hair removal services using laser and wax. But, notes Lexi Miles Corrin, WAXON founder and CEO, it’s much more than that. “We specialize in making people feel confident in their skin. We specialize in empowerment, body confidence, and female growth—and we do it all with the best training in the industry, the lowest turnover in staff, the highest quality products, the best guest experience, and the most passionate team.”

Miles Corrin’s passion for and dedication to the company she founded, including WAXON’s franchisees and customers, is clear.

She founded the company envisioning an “on trend, clean, and modern” space dedicated to hair removal. WAXON’s customers have access to a range of natural, allergy-friendly wax options and the latest laser technology. But Miles Corrin’s vision goes beyond the services offered, as she explains: “My mission became much more than providing the best hair removal services in the industry. I wanted WAXON to exist to provide a safe space for everyone—clients and staff.”

The goal of the franchise system is to employ and empower women to grow and excel, she says. “As a founder, my pride and joy stems from watching my other female franchise partners succeed.”

Ideal WAXON franchisees are driven, passionate, and understand the benefits of being part of a proven process and system Since its inception in 2012, the brand has grown to 14 locations throughout Ontario and Halifax, with three locations in development, and is looking to expand further. “We’re ready for full-steam ahead now,” says Miles Corrin, adding, “Now that the system is perfected and the model has been proven, we can confidently say that WAXON is the number one hair removal franchise in the country.”

Great Clips

Great Clips, a walk-in salon brand, was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1982, and began franchising the next year. Today, there are more than 4,400 locations across Canada and the U.S. “This is a business that nearly everyone needs: haircuts!” says Beth Nilssen, director of franchise development for Great Clips, Inc. The salons help everyone look and feel their best, offering haircut services for kids, adults, and seniors.

“It doesn’t matter what the economy looks like or a customer’s age—this is a neighbourhood business that can’t be outsourced or replaced with an online service. It’s a simple business model that’s incredibly effective.”

The brand has set itself apart as an early adopter of technology. While the pandemic has been challenging for all businesses, Great Clips was poised for success with many of the necessary technology solutions mechanisms already in place. “Thankfully, we were already focused on using technology to create convenience for our customers,” shares Nilssen. “As a result, when salons reopened [after pandemic shutdowns], we were able to manage the backlog of demands for haircuts.” In addition to the Great Clips app that was already in use, the brand launched ReadyNext text alerts in June 2020. “The opt-in text messages alert customers when their estimated wait time reaches 15 minutes. This allowed salons to meet the demand without overcrowding in lobbies and with more convenience for customers,” says Nilssen.

Great Clips franchisees receive the same care as customers, she says.  “The support available to franchisees is top-notch. From the first day as a franchisee to decades with the system, franchisees will find cutting-edge support and resources that have made Great Clips the world’s largest salon brand.” Ideal franchise candidates are those who are business-minded and have excellent people-management skills, says Nilssen.

“For new franchisees, as cliché as it sounds, follow the system. Great Clips has been around for forty years. We’ve survived and thrived through recessions, inflation, a global pandemic, and more, because we’ve built a solid system using a simple, repeatable model.”

Simply For Life

Simply For Life, a chain of natural food markets that offers nutrition counselling, is one of Canada’s fastest-growing health franchises. Co-founded by Claudine and Bruce Sweeney in 2001 as a home-based business, Simply For Life is now a growing national brand with 38 locations in six provinces, including the flagship location in Saint John, New Brunswick.

“Simply For Life is anchored in a radically simple philosophy: “to help our clients achieve their optimal level of health and live longer and happier lives,” Claudine shares. To reach these goals, clients can choose from a variety of retail products and custom nutrition counselling. “To date, we’ve created more than one million customized plans for our clients,” Claudine says, “and at the heart of our system’s success is our proprietary meal-planning software that creates a customized meal plan for each client based on their unique demographic, medical, and lifestyle needs, as well as their budget.”

In addition to these services and products, Simply For Life strives to deliver individualized care to their clients. “The emotional experience we offer is what truly sets us apart. We provide a personalized experience at every touchpoint,” she says. “When a client walks out our doors, they feel happy, inspired, and full of hope in their ability to change their health with our support.” Simply For Life locations are designed to be hubs for healthy living, and operate through a membership-based program. “Clients are supported through weekly visits with an expert nutrition advisor who provides support, encouragement, and information. Regardless of age, health, dietary restrictions, and goals, we have a plan for everyone.”

The ideal Simply For Life franchisee is someone who is passionate about food and health, but also about helping others. The benefits of running this type of business are “simple,” Claudine says. “We’re not only able to help clients and customers through their health journey, but we also help franchisees live life on their own terms by running their own franchise in a field they love.”

30 Minute Hit

Founded by Deanna and Jackson Loychuk, 30 Minute Hit is a boxing/kickboxing circuit fitness experience for women. Each 30 Minute Hit location delivers innovative, fun, empowering workouts for members, who have access to countless training options to choose from. The fun isn’t just for clients, either. “Our franchisees find that this is a fun lifestyle, and they create great relationships with their members,” says Deanna,  adding, “There are more and more women in franchising, which is great to see. This brand really caters to that, and we’re proud of it.”

On top of the support offered by head office, the franchise system has a low start-up cost, generates recurring income, and requires low square footage to operate. “We’re consistently ranked one of the top low-cost franchises,” says Jackson.

“It’s very attractive to our potential franchisees because it’s not like they’re starting over on the first of every month, as we’re membership based,” Deanna says. Jackson notes that the brand has made sure to pace its growth. “We haven’t grown too quickly, so that we can continue to provide our franchisees with every tool they need to succeed,” Jackson notes.

The company prioritizes positive energy, attitudes, and community environments. “When it comes to support, we’re of the mindset that our franchisees’ success is our success, and that’s always been our priority,” says Jackson. He and Deanna have clear love for what they do, and the ideal 30 Minute Hit franchisee would benefit from the same outlook. “We’re seeing owners who have that passion that they want something fulfilling in their lives and to make a difference in other women’s lives,” explains Deanna.

The brand’s core values are ‘HIT’—hustle, inspire, and trust. “Simply put, we expect our franchisees to be out there hustling and making things happen,” says Jackson, “inspiring their communities by example, being leaders, and finally, trusting the system, trusting the brand, and being trustworthy for customers. If those three things come together, it always works out.”