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Tutorial 8: Intro to Ongoing Franchise Training

When it comes to providing franchisees with support, great franchisors won’t just stop with the initial training. In fact, you’ll know right away if a franchise is successful if they put a heavy emphasis on ongoing training.

When a franchise system provides its franchisees with continuous training and learning opportunities, it means they’re serious about your success with the company, and are eager to stay consistent and competitive in an evolving marketplace.

So, what exactly can you expect from ongoing franchise training?

Similar to the initial training, the details and extent of ongoing training varies between franchise companies, and some don’t provide any training at all. You should know that a strong system will always define that ongoing training is mandatory in their franchise agreements.

Typically, this training is given to both you and your employees, providing vital information on the latest industry products, services and/or system wide enhancements.

Be advised that though your franchisor may provide training to your employees, a cost may still apply to you. Typically, franchisees are responsible for paying their employees’ salaries, flights, accommodations and meals during training, though it’s important to carefully review your franchise agreement, as these costs may be covered in your ongoing royalties.

How you participate in this training will also vary. Franchisors can set up regional training centres for franchisees or offer online courses so you and your employees can train at your own convenience. Some franchisors may even send support staff from head office directly to your location. Either way, you can bet there’ll be plenty of opportunities to learn at annual national conferences and/or regional meetings.

Still, as a small business owner, you shouldn’t be afraid to look beyond your franchisor’s support to elevate your business needs. Those who are ready and motivated can look to other external sources to take their business to new levels. Tradeshows and conferences put on by specific industry associations are all great opportunities you should take advantage of!

Whether you’ve just begun your franchise search or are ready to make an investment, make sure you ask all potential franchise systems what their ongoing training entails and choose an opportunity that has the long-term future of the company in mind.