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Women in Franchising: Trio of Franchising Trailblazers

Today is International Women’s Day and in honour of that, we’re recognizing three outstanding women, who are leading successful businesses while controlling their own destiny.

Yvonne Barker, STOR-X Organizing Systems

  1. Can you tell us why you decided to invest in your franchise?

I had been searching for a business opportunity for several years when I discovered STOR-X Organizing Systems franchise opportunity in the spring of 2018. After completing extensive research into the viability of STOR-X as a company, their franchise model, and the culture of leadership and staff – I was sold. I was ready to take a ‘leap of faith’ and invest in myself. STOR-X owner, Wolf Nickel, and his team of experts worked with me and provided all the details required to go forward with the franchise opportunity. Their company culture and personal philosophy aligned with my beliefs and goals in life. It was the ‘fit’ I had been looking for.

Today, I am very happy to say I own 100% shares in my own business. As a business owner of STOR-X Organizing Systems I take on all duties of the business including sales, management, project designs and estimates, administrations, marketing, public relations, deliver, and installation along with quality control.

I love the feeling of waking up every morning looking forward to the day ahead.

  1. What were you doing before franchising?

I have an educational background in Construction Management, Retail Design, and Residential Interiors. However, over the past 12 years, my career path took me into the not-for-profit sector and provided me with expertise in the areas of marketing, networking, event management, public speaking, customer service, communication, budgeting, prospecting, business development and bringing value to clients. I think one of my best attributes, I have learned along the way, is ‘how to sell without selling’. I always look for the win, win, win.

  1. What are the benefits of franchising with this specific franchise? What are some of the challenges?

Benefits: The STOR-X franchise model provides me with business support in all areas including business set up, financial processes, business structure, computer software program, management mentorship, technical and sales expertise, engineering and design expertise, training, and business lessons learned with fellow store franchise owners providing guidance throughout the business process. In addition, the model assists in launching into the community, providing training and ongoing support in marketing both in face-to-face applications as well as online.

I own my own business, but I have STOR-X as my professional team of supports to assist me along the way. As a business owner, it is a huge advantage to have access to such valuable resources. I never feel like I am in business alone!

Challenges: I have a very large territory in NW Alberta. One challenge is to market and launch my business into each of the communities as well as to be personally present in each community. Operating as a one-person business, my time can be stretched out quite quickly. Time management and pre-planning months in advance, help me organize my schedule and travel.

  1. What are three reasons women should get into franchising?

First and foremost – it is the empowerment of owning your own business. Respecting and believing in yourself is the first step in earning the same response from others. In today’s world, we need to invest in something that is going to give you a good return on investment. I believe I have invested wisely for my future.

Secondly, women excel in the business world. We bring a different approach, objective and adaptability to the business sector.

Thirdly, investment into a franchise is more affordable than launching a business of your own. There’s a lot of support and resources available for you – your biggest investment is your own time and expertise.

  1. What advice do you have for women who want to buy a franchise?

Be ready! Be wise! Be prepared! If it feels like the right fit, it probably is. Don’t be afraid to believe in yourself. Do your due diligence – research and homework is just the beginning.

Adrienne Wood, Right at Home 

  1. What motivated you to invest in your franchise?

I had recognized senior care as an up and coming sector with significant opportunities in my region. Having had some experience working with start-up businesses, I knew I did not want to start from scratch developing a marketing strategy, website, and all the policies and procedures that are associated with starting a business from the ground up. Investing in the Right At Home franchise allowed me to build off existing marketing and policy platforms while maintaining a sense of ownership of a business.

  1. What were you doing before franchising?

Prior to franchising, I worked primarily in sales as a Territory Sales Manager for numerous consumer goods companies. Additionally, I frequently volunteered within the community to help organize and fundraise for various campaigns.

  1. What are the pros and cons of franchising with this specific franchise? 

I chose to work with Right at Home because of the support they offered, from the initial stages of setting up our business to ongoing training and professional development.  This support helps ensure our business is continuously operating as effectively as possible. The Right at Home franchise provides me with the opportunity to work with great people who continue to inspire, challenge, and motivate me!

One of the biggest challenges of the senior health care industry is the attention to detail which is required 24/7. While this can be very demanding with little room for error, the reward of helping families every day is worth it!

  1. Why do you think it’s important for more women to get into franchising?

While franchising may seem intimidating at first glance, I personally believe it provides a great opportunity for all entrepreneurs. I am fortunate that the Right at Home franchise provided me with a strong community of female entrepreneurs who offer the support I need to continuously grow and develop my business with confidence. I also believe the reward associated with running a business can be very empowering for female entrepreneurs.

  1. What advice do you have for women who want to buy a franchise?

Find a passion and an industry that resonates with you and then identify the brand that aligns with that passion. Look for like-minded people you connect with. Be prepared to work hard!

Pauline Mousseau, Wellnessnews Choices for Healthy Living®

  1.  Why did you decide to invest in your franchise?

I needed a change. Wellnessnews Choices for Healthy Living® aligned with my wellness and health promotion beliefs. I wanted to create my own opportunity and invest in my future aspirations. My goal is to “help people, who help people, help people!” I also wanted to leave the office environment so working from home appealed to me too!

  1. What were you doing before franchising?

I have more than 18 years of experience in municipal recreation, community development, and community services. My last position prior to starting my franchise experience was as a Supervisor in Social Planning for The City of Red Deer, Alberta.

  1. What are the benefits of franchising with this specific franchise? What are some of the challenges?

Benefits: There are established systems and infrastructure in place that made it turnkey in nature.  This specific franchise also featured relatively low start-up and operating costs, which were appealing. They provide ongoing training and support. There’s also a sense of community and the opportunity to follow your passion.

Challenges: Like starting any business, Wellnessnews Choices for Healthy Living® required tremendous time and initiative to make it successful in my community.

  1. In light of International of Women’s Day, why do you think more women should get into franchising?

It affirms and showcases the range of capabilities women possess. More importantly, on a personal note, this opportunity with Wellnessnews Choices for Healthy Living® represented a chance to have independence with available support when and where needed.

  1. What advice do you have for women who want to buy a franchise?

Consider the costs and benefits beyond financial. There may be long days working from home, but with that brings flexibility. Be willing to work hard, especially in your first year.


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