Puddle Pool Services

Happy, Hard Working, Focused and Fun! That sums up a Puddle Pools Franchise Partner (say that 5 times quickly!) Every day Canadian Entrepreneurs clock in at work with their dreams to run their own business, to be THEIR own boss, in the back of their mind. It’s a hard decision to make. Making that leap from employee to business owner, but Puddle makes that process of ownership seamless and pressure free. Ask any of our Franchise Partners…..

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Corporate Units
Canada: 1 USA:

Franchise Fee:
Single: $30,000 / 2 Pack: $45,000 / Pack: $60,000

Franchise Units
Canada: 9 USA:

Investment Required:
$88,000 - $135,400 (Net Worth: $150K)

In Business Since:

Available Territories:
All of Canada

CFA Member Since:

Our culture is incomparable because of our FP’s (Franchise Partners). From boots on the ground to scaling a territory to a mutli-vehicle machine is the growth our teams prep for. With the ability to run their ENTIRE business from their phone. Quoting, Routing, Onboarding, AP & AR, Training and so on. Our Customer Care Experience, Transparent Pricing, and Internal Custom CRM Structure (that’s just a fancy way of saying “Our Software”) is the backbone for our Puddle Growth Program.

We’ve also taken an industry that’s primarily seasonal, into a Year-Round Residential & Commercial, Recurring Revenue, Streamlined, Service Leader.

Our FP’s come from all types of careers with no experience in the pool industry. Most of them have never cleaned a pool and honestly, we don’t even think some of them can swim 😊

We award our Franchises the same way a successful Sports Team is drafted. We ‘re looking for the All-Stars. Each FP should Love to Lead, Think Big, Be Honest, Have Integrity, Customer Care with a Positive Attitude to boot.