Military Veterans Program


The CFA’s Military Veterans Program assists qualified military veterans transition out of the military and into civilian life through the opportunities in franchising (as franchisees or via employment). CFA member franchise brands participating in this program must offer their best deal (or better) to military veterans, who typically have similar qualities found in highly successful franchisees: they are mission-focused and team-work oriented leaders accustomed to effectively following standard operating procedures and plans in order to achieve goals.

Working with the Department of National Defence, CFA has completed the development of our online capacity to deliver this program. Canadian military veterans will be able to view the information about your special offer through your listings on CFA’s website. This special offer description will supplement your existing franchise opportunity information. A sample screenshot of how this information will appear in listings is available in the image below.

To further assist Canadian military veterans, CFA has developed a password-protected portal, which will provide exclusive resources geared for military veterans. These resources include:

  1. Franchise Opportunities: a consolidated list franchise opportunities participating in the CFA Military Veterans Program so that veterans can quickly identify opportunities with special offers for them;
  2. Franchise Job Postings: a section of employment opportunities for franchisors and franchisees seeking military veterans candidates for employment at head office or in corporate/franchise locations; and
  3. Resource Articles: access to informative articles on the franchise investigation process and the benefits of franchising.

The CFA Military Veterans Program portal is accessible via a unique link on secure password-protected pages on the website for Canadian veterans, operated by Canada Company. Upon reaching the CFA Military Veterans Program portal landing page, veterans will be asked to create a profile, or sign in if they have previously created one. Military veterans who have created a profile on and are signed in will be identified in information requests with the wording “**This franchise information request is from a Canadian Military Veteran**” in the information request message.

There may be instances when you will receive a franchise lead which does not contain this special message but is requesting your special offer for military veterans. This does not necessarily mean the prospect is not a Canadian Military Veteran. These requests will have come through the public pages of website and may be from a veteran who has not signed into their website profile. In these instances, we recommend that you obtain their Service Number and confirm their qualified military veterans status with Veteran Affairs.

Whether you’re looking for a military veteran to become your next great franchisee or top candidate for employment in your system, we thank you for participating in the CFA Military Veterans Program.

Should you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Pauline Flores, Senior Coordinator, Member Programs at