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We provide unique shipping solutions and savings for small & mid-sized businesses. Our world class carrier partners like DHL do the pick-ups and deliveries, we do the customer service and invoicing. The customer gets pricing , options and personalized service usually reserved for large corporations. You save customers time, hassle and money while creating leveraged residual income. Your customers save money, the carriers get revenue, you create an incredible lifestyle and ultimately freedom!

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Global shipping generates hundreds of billions of dollars in annual sales. It makes global commerce possible. And it’s a massive and expensive hassle for small and medium-sized businesses that rely on giant shipping companies in order to serve their customers.

InXpress is a global shipping franchise that helps get the same prices and customer support for small and mid-sized businesses that carriers typically reserve for Fortune 1000 companies. We earn the discounts and increased service through cooperative buying that bundles the revenues of these small businesses together.

The global freight market was $700 billion in 2013, and it’s expected to grow to $1.3 trillion by 2023, according to research from the U.S. Department of Transportation and Research and Innovative Technology. Fortune 1000 companies have resources to hire logistics experts — but what about the next 5 million companies that are have a smaller payroll and are less experienced, but that cumulatively represent a huge piece of the shipping market?

The InXpress client value proposition: less hassle + lower expenses + greater communication = opportunity

We have more than 350 franchisees worldwide, and over 100 in the United States. Franchisees don’t handle boxes or load trucks. They act as consultants or specialists operating their B2B businesses from their home offices, from any location in the world.

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