L'Gros Luxe

L’Gros Luxe is now Montreal’s most popular neighbourhood restaurant. To enhance the unique character of the areas they serve, Alex Bastide shun sameness, opting instead to create personalized restaurants that meet the local community’s needs. Unlike typical restaurant chains, L’Gros Luxe adapts to its environment. Antique chandeliers and mirrors mingle with portraits of our ancestors, creating a distinctive and warm atmosphere in each establishment. And the welcoming staff is sure to make you feel right at home! Friendly and attentive, every employee—in the dining room, behind the bar and in the kitchen—adheres to the owners’ eco-responsible and unifying values. Their vision? To bring total luxury to the masses with their comforting and affordable menu that prominently features vegetarian dishes, without neglecting meatier fare. Everyone should be able to enjoy L’Gros Luxe! We are look forward to meeting you.

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