At UROSPOT, we are pelvic health done differently. UROSPOT is a private pelvic health clinic that provides freedom and confidence to women and men struggling with bladder leaks, urgency, frequency, night waking, prolapse and sexual dysfunction. At UROSPOT we combine education, health coaching and non invasive technology to restore and strengthen the pelvic floor. Our Health Canada and FDA approved technology is an innovative medical device that uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate and contract the pelvic floor to the equivalent of doing over 11,000 kegels while you remain fully clothed. Nothing goes inside your body and no one is touching you. Our team of pelvic health experts help you say good bye to bladder leaks, urgency and pads. UROSPOT is the number one destination for pelvic health in Canada. This is a one of a kind franchise system that brings joy to clients lives every single day. There is a pelvic floor revolution happening due to the epidemic nature of these health challenges. UROSPOT is leading the way by restoring confidence and freedom.

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