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Many modern families find themselves short on time: Both parents often work full-time jobs, and there are always extracurricular activities and social obligations to juggle. As a result, many households struggle to keep up with the cleaning, making a maid services franchise an attractive investment opportunity. The growth of the maid services industry has been driven by the increasing demand for assistance with household chores. When you invest in a maid services franchise, you'll be tapping into this growing market of busy Canadians and positioning yourself for success. In addition, as the owner of a maid service franchise, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping busy families enjoy a clean and orderly home.

This Industry is Sweeping the Market
The cleaning service market has proven to show steady growth and does not show signs of dipping any time soon. IBIS World is a globally trusted source for industry data and use expert analysts to interpret economic, demographic and market data to make insightful projections for business development. Their research states that the pandemic did not impact this industry too severely as there was only a 2.3% decrease in sales from 2019. The same report claims the maid cleaning industry is currently valued at $9 billion and is expected to increase by 4% annually. This report indicates the stability of this particular market – making it one of the most reliable and recession-proof franchising opportunities the market.

Franchising vs. Self-Employment
Owning a business comes with many rewards, but can also be accompanied by several challenges. As a self-employed business owner, you are susceptible to higher investment risks. One of the advantages of owning a franchise is the proven systems and methods that guide your business decisions, and in turn, your investments. The role of the franchisor is to accommodate the needs of the franchisee while providing them with the relevant tools and resources to run a successful business.

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    Merry Maids of Canada

    MERRY MAIDS - With more than 35 years of experience, Merry Maids is the world leader in the residential industry with more than 900 cleaning franchises in the U.S. and Canada, and...

    Investment Required: $50K-$70K
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    MaidPro provides an excellent opportunity for you to improve your work/life balance and achieve tremendous growth potential in the fast-growing home cleaning industry. We’re a...

    Investment Required: $94,560-$119,800
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    Mint Maids

    We're new. We're fresh. We are disrupting the home cleaning industry and putting a cool spin on it. Mint Maids has leveraged technology to create a system that meets the modern...

    Investment Required: $15K
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    MOLLY MAID Canada Inc.

    Since 1979, MOLLY MAID has been the number one maid service company in Canada. A MOLLY MAID Franchise provides a low-risk investment opportunity in a high-growth, pandemic and...

    Investment Required: $48k+
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    We Wash Windows

    We’ve been operating since 2001. This concept works best as a home occupation, we’ve taken time to enter into franchising to ensure we’ve navigated potential problems a...

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