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Why invest in a Grocery/Specialty Franchise?

Canadians are becoming increasingly busier and are constantly on the go, so turning to delicious and convenient meals to serve their families is now more important than ever. The grocery specialty shops in this category include franchises that offer customers quick, simple, and convenient grocery shopping experiences that feature ready-to-make meals with unforgettable flavours. 
COVID-19 Lockdown: Getting a Taste for Home Cooking! The joy of home cooking and the rewarding sense of accomplishment that comes with preparing your own meals would not exist without a place to buy the ingredients! Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadians were forced to stay at home and cook for themselves more than ever. During the height of the pandemic, grocery/speciality franchises were some of the few locations in Canada permitted to remain open during lockdowns, meaning they did very well in terms of their sales growth. Interestingly, those sales have hardly waivered more than two years later. 

When you invest in a grocery/specialty foods franchise, you are investing in a proven business model with a history of sales and growth. According to IBIS World, the Canadian grocery industry is set to increase by 0.9% in 2022 alone. Additionally, IBIS World have projected a continued growth within the industry over the next five years. Rest assured that there will always be a need for grocery/specialty foods franchise as Canadians are becoming increasingly accustomed to eating at home following the pandemic. Families rely on grocery stores for their fresh produce and ingredients, and they will always need access to these items.

Investing in a Community Need

Grocery/specialty foods franchise stores are a reliable source of income, however starting a business from the ground up can be very taxing. The time, money and effort that goes into building your own business does not promise results, particularly without any guidance. By choosing to own a franchise, you are guaranteed support by the franchise system and greatly benefit from their expertise in the industry. Ultimately leading you to a successful business decision as a franchise owner.

If you're looking for a business opportunity that will give you the chance to make a difference in your community, investing in a grocery franchise is worth considering.

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    Food - Grocery / Specialty Shops

    Aisle 24

    Invest in the Next Generation of Grocery Convenience

    Automation and self-service are reshaping the grocery...

    Investment Required: $120K-$220K
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    Food - Grocery / Specialty Shops

    M&M Food Market

    M&M Food Market has changed for the better! With a new store design and new Food Promise of absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, and sweeteners in any of their products in...

    Investment Required: $100K-$500K
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    Food - Grocery / Specialty Shops

    Pepper Tree Spice Co. Inc.

    The Spice Box, powered by Pepper Tree Spice Co. is a truly unique turn-key mobile retail unit offering over 300 fine spices and artisan seasonings, select gourmet foods, and gifts,...

    Investment Required: 85,000

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