Set up a Franchise With Over $500K in Canada

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Whether your interest is restaurants, education, or wellness, the Canadian Franchise Association can connect you with a wide array with companies that can help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams. Here are a few of our many franchises you can invest in for $500k and more.

Panago Pizza Inc.

Food-Quick Service Restaurants

Panago Pizza is a high quality, quick service restaurant (QSR) concept with a wide-ranging customizable menu of pizza favourites. For more than 33 years, Panago Pizza has cultivated a dedicated fanbase of pizza lovers across Canada. Panago Pizza’s commitment to sustainable business and continual innovation has led to its status as a renowned brand.

With 200 locations and counting, Panago offers a unique business opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to enter the fast-paced and rewarding pizza industry. With a minimum investment of $650,000, new franchisees can rely on the support from Panago’s 30-year proven operations system that guides in-store daily processes. Currently, the brand has multi-unit opportunities in British Columbia and unique shared ownership opportunities in the Ontario market.

Investment required: $650,000

Angus Valley Montessori Schools Inc.

Educational Products & Services

Angus Valley Montessori Schools is an early learning private education centre with a mission to provide children with a bright start to a lifetime of learning. Angus Valley’s proactive curriculum, nurturing environment inside custom made buildings, and nutritional menu are a just a few reasons behind the learning enterprise’s success.

Angus Valley is the perfect opportunity for new franchisees interested in fostering growth and education in their community. With a $950,000 investment, you receive access to Angus Valley’s longstanding relationships with land developers to secure high demand locations, not to mention the brand’s own business and operational expertise.

Investment required: $950,000

Mary Brown’s Chicken

Food – Quick Service Restaurants

Mary Brown’s Chicken is Canada’s largest quick service chicken restaurant (QSR). The brand’s signature menu fried chicken, taters, burgers, and poutine has grown reputation as an award-winning, Canadian-owned franchise. In fact, Mary Brown’s has been the winner of the CFA’s Franchisee’s Choice Award for 13 years and Canada’s Best Managed Company for four consecutive years.

Since its initiation in 1969, the Mary Brown’s brand has grown to over 230 locations. With an investment of $850,000 franchisees receive comprehensive training, operations and marketing support, and the full turnkey treatment. With a 17-year track record of continuous same store sales growth, Mary Brown’s is the perfect investment opportunity for those seeking to grow with a reputable brand.

Investment required: $850,000

Triple O’s

Food – Quick Service Restaurants

In 1997, Triple O’s was launched as a sister restaurant to the iconic BC restaurant franchise, White Spot Restaurants. Designed as a quick service burger concept and modelled after the success of their parent company, it wasn’t long before the brand grew to be beloved across Canada’s west coast. The love is shared by franchisees, who have voted for Triple O’s and White Spot restaurants to be the winner CFA Franchisee’s Choice Award for the 13th year in a row.

With more than 90 years of franchising success under their belt, the brand’s trusted operations are worth investing in. With a minimum investment of $850,000, franchisees can become part of a brand that guarantees support when it comes to menu development, supply management, marketing, real estate, construction, and operational training. For a brand as revered as Triple O’s in BC, the price is right.

Investment required: $850,000-$1,500,000

Au Pain Doré

Food – Quick Service Restaurants

Au Pain Doré is a Montreal-based bakery café franchise offering gourmet baked goods to communities all over Canada. The brand is a subsidiary of Le Duff, a French-based company with more than 1500 restaurants across five continents and 100 countries. With Au Pain Doré, you can expect to invest in rapid growth in line with their aggressive expansion plans to develop across Canada.

Since 1956, Au Pain Doré has a built its reputation on affordable excellence across its 65 years in business. With a minimum investment of $350k, investors can leverage the franchise’s brand awareness to build their own business, with several different restaurant model concepts to choose from. 

Investment required: $350,000-$600,000, plus working capital

BÀCARO Pizzeria

Food – Restaurants/Dining Rooms

BÀCARO Pizzeria is a neighborhood eatery based in Quebec. BACÀRO is a blossoming franchise with locations across its native province, each with a dedication to replicate the relaxed and inviting atmosphere of a Venetian pizzeria.

With a minimum investment of $500,000, you can bring BÀCARO to new locations across Canada or purchase one of several franchises currently for sale in Quebec. Franchisees interested in growing the brand will gain access to BÀCARO’s construction team through their investment and get to work with the franchise’s operations team as part of the turnkey venture.

Investment required: $500,000-$850,000

Café 22

Food – Restaurants/Dining Rooms

Café 22 is a contemporary Italian restaurant based in Winnipeg, MB. Since 1999, Café 22 has been become a lively spot on Corydon street for Winnipeg natives. The brand is steeped into their community, with a menu that features an assortment of wines from the local winery and long-time collaborator, Banville and Jones.

Café 22’s local partnerships and community loyalty makes investing a unique and exciting opportunity for franchisees. With a minimum investment of $750,000, new franchisees are invited to take advantage of the lucrative opportunity to franchise Café 22’s established brand.

Investment required: $750,000-$1,000,000

Carlos & Pepe’s

Food – Restaurants/Dining Rooms

Carlos & Pepe’s is a Montreal-rooted restaurant devoted to serving Mexican and Tex Mex cuisine across the city and greater metropolitan area of Quebec. Over the past thirty years, Carlos & Pepe’s has gained notoriety both as a reputable, distinguished brand and a successful franchise.

With four booming locations, Carlos & Pepe’s are only moving forward with their expansion. With a minimum investment of $800,000, new franchisees can become part of the Carlos & Pepe’s family, with access to support for site selection, leasing, design, training, and continual marketing and operational aid.

Investment required: $800,000-$1,000,000

CEFA Early Learning

Children’s Products & Services

CEFA (Core Education and Fine Arts) Early Learning is a private education centre specialized for children ages one to five. Operating on a goal to prepare children for the beginning of their academic journey, CEFA Early Learning is looking for franchisees who value the importance of education and find their passion in bringing social and academic development to new communities.

With a minimum of $650,000, your investment in CEFA Early Learning guarantees you support in all stages of the franchising process. CEFA’s team help you set expectations, timelines, and support you in selecting a location, and their dedicated CEFA Teacher Training team will provide training as well as day-to-day operations guidance even past opening day. 

Investment required: $650,000-$2,000,000

Chuck’s Roadhouse and Grill

Food – Restaurants/Dining Rooms

Chuck’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill is a Canada-wide restaurant franchise with a mission to make all road travelers feel at home. With 61 franchise units and counting, Chuck’s Roadhouse is expanding rapidly. New franchisees can take advantage of the low royalties, low marketing cost, strong sales, and easy operation with a small, efficient menu and simple processes.

Chuck’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill has current opportunities for franchisees in to purchase their new Prescott, Trenton, and Gravenhurst locations. With an investment as low as $350,000, new franchisees can capitalize on the opportunity to work with an established brand with a growing success rate.

Investment required: $375,000-$700,000