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Anago Cleaning Systems Welcomes New Master Franchise in Greater Toronto

Anago Cleaning Systems, an industry-leading commercial cleaning franchise with over 1,800 regional and unit franchises throughout the U.S. and Canada, announced its newest master franchise operators in Mississauga in the Peel-Halton District of South Ontario. The husband and wife team, Sumit and Geetika Punchhi, will lead Anago’s unit franchise operations, bringing small business ownership opportunities to entrepreneurs looking for financial flexibility or an additional revenue stream.

“We’re honored to welcome Sumit and Geetika to the Anago brand,” said Adam Povlitz, CEO and president. “We’re inspired by their passion and dedication to helping others, and they inspire us all. We’re confident they will succeed while building a new personal, professional, and family life.”

Sumit and Geetika migrated to Canada from India, seeking better educational and quality of life opportunities for their two children, a teenage daughter and a young adult son. With more than 40 years of business experience between the two, the couple saw an opportunity in commercial cleaning after much research was conducted in other business areas such as education or healthcare.

“We’re honored to welcome Sumit and Geetika to the Anago brand,” said Adam Povlitz, Anago CEO and president.

“Anago stood out to us for its scalability, approachability, and culture of knowledge sharing and support the brand demonstrated during our initial meetings,” said Sumit. “This was further demonstrated during Anago’s annual franchise meeting last month, where its commitment to success was on full display by the corporate team and other master franchisees. It was an energy that welcomed and embraced you.”

Consistent support and a positive organizational culture weren’t all that Sumit and Geetika were impressed by. The company’s success over the past 30+ years, notably how it performed during market downturns and international crises, sealed the deal for them while further cementing their desire to help others overcome business ownership challenges, grow, and achieve success fueled by hard work and dedication.

“We want to be a source of passion and growth for anybody willing to invest in themselves and in a franchise model built to support them every step of the way. We remain committed to that goal in our personal and professional lives,” added Sumit.

The new Anago of South Greater Toronto office is located at 2624 Dunwin Dr. Unit #3, Mississauga, Ontario, and can be reached via the company website, or by calling Sumit and Geetika at (905) 565-4445.

Anago Cleaning Systems is a pioneer of the master franchise system. The brand has proven its award-winning value, providing owners with ongoing support, advanced technologies, and critical marketing tools to operate their regional franchises while creating small business opportunities. Anago Cleaning Systems relies on the brand’s core values to navigate the changing landscape and apply strategies to foster continued growth while implementing new and innovative technologies.

Because of this strong business ethic, growth, and performance, Anago is consistently recognized within industry and business trade publications, including Entrepreneur’s Fastest-Growing Franchise, Top-Ranked Franchises Under $50K, Top Home-Based Franchise, Top Global Franchise, and Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500. Continued inclusion within these rankings demonstrates the brand’s rising popularity with franchisees and clients.

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