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Baskin-Robbins Introduces New Flavour, Snickerdoodle Chai, as its November Flavour of the Month, and 50 Per Cent Off Fresh Packs

Baskin-Robbins’ November Flavour of the Month is a mouth-full of goodness – and creative language. Featuring cinnamon, vanilla, chai flavours and a streusel ribbon, Snickerdoodle Chai offers guests an opportunity to talk to little or loved ones about how creative writing, culinary innovation and ice cream can add spice to life.

“If diversity is the spice of life, creativity might well be the force that propels it forward,” says Natalie Joseph. “You’ll find both diversity and creativity of flavour in this new ice cream – and its name.”

Although the exact etymology of snickerdoodle is unclear – likely of Germanic origin, the consistent characteristic of this type of cookie or ice cream is cinnamon.

“Cinnamon is a beloved fall flavour,” says Joseph. “And so is a soothing chai. We’re happy to combine both of these flavours in this new and exciting way. It’s totally worth a try.”

Also this month at Baskin-Robbins, guests are invited to purchase a medium-sized fresh-pack between November 15 and 30, and receive 50% off a medium Fresh -pack with the purchase of -a 2nd Medium FRESH-pack.

Throughout the pandemic, Baskin-Robbins Canada’s 105 shops have continued to serve their guests, including through delivery and takeout, while respecting provincial COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Please refer to the company’s store locator for hours of operation and service/delivery options in your community.

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Baskin-Robbins was founded in 1945 by two ice cream enthusiasts who shared a dream to create an innovative ice cream shop that would be a neighbourhood gathering place for families. Celebrating 50 years in Canada in 2021, Baskin-Robbins operates 105 locations in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and British Columbia. Each year, more than 300 million people around the world visit Baskin-Robbins to enjoy some of the more than 1,300 flavours available in the brand’s ice cream library, as well as enjoy its assortment of frozen treats, including ice cream cakes. For more information on Baskin-Robbins Canada or any of its locations, visit

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