Booster Juice Wins “Best Airport Smoothie and Juice Chain” Honours

Last month, Booster Juice won the very prestigious FAB  Regional Award  for the” Best Airport Smoothie and Juice chain” – for its Toronto Pearson Fit & Fun Booster Juice location at Terminal 3.

FAB awards recognize food & beverage global excellence.

FAB awards are   considered the most prominent airport food and beverage  recognition  in the world and their parent company  the Moodie Davitt Report, a UK based publication is the most widely read and respected airport newsletter along with their   other digital platforms.

Over 200 submissions were made in this category from all over the world and Booster Juice won the regional award for best airport smoothie and juice concept in  all of the Americas! This is  quite a remarkable  achievement as the world wide competition  was very strong.

The Fit & Fun store  embodies a very creative, innovative, engaging & experiential environment; designed with a sports theme and includes a number of virtual interactive games  that help to destress & engage customers before enplaning.

Booster Juice is an Edmonton based company with a regional office in Toronto and operates 10 airport stores in Canada with more on the way. Booster Juice is currently planning to enter the US airport market as well.

Booster Juice Director of International and Non-Traditional Development Glenn Tucker said the brand was looking to develop the US market “in a major  way” and underlined the importance of travel retail in the brand’s development plans.

“Travel retail is enormously important to us. Any time your brand is seen by millions of people each day going to and from cities all over the world, it’s exponentially beneficial to the brand and all of its stores. It helps to reinvigorate the brand. In our case the yellow smoothie cup is iconic to the Booster Juice brand; to see our yellow cups all over airports and on aircraft is gratifying.”

Booster Juice President & CEO Dale Wishewan said Booster Juice, based on its successful track record in Canadian airports, is “a great fit” for airports and transit-based locations.

“Think of the stress associated with flying today: packing, transportation to the airport, long check-in queues , security checks and flight delays. Booster Juice is ideally suited to injecting passengers with a boost of energy to carry them through to the next destination.

“We are laser focused on working with progressive primers (food-service companies) for US and Mexican airport store openings in 2020,” Wishewan said.

“Our products are healthy and mobile, ideal for the airport environment, and very high in demand. The USA has over ten large airports with annual traffic of 50 million; Toronto Pearson airport’s traffic count falls into this category and we have four very successful stores operating there.”

Booster Juice is  Canada’s premium Smoothie & Juice chain, operating over 400 stores across Canada, USA and the UAE
For additional information, please visit Boosterjuice.com or contact Franchise Development at 416-621-6767 (eastern office) or 780-440-6770 (western office) or email at franchising@boosterjuice.com.