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CEFA Early Learning Expands to Ontario with First Franchise Location Opening in May

Additional Expansion in British Columbia as Demand for Quality Child Care Grows

Vancouver, BC, April 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CEFA Early Learning Schools (Core Education & Fine Arts) today announces the opening of their first location in Ontario, serving the community of Richmond Hill. The expansion of the full-day, early learning program outside of British Columbia marks an important milestone for Canada’s first junior kindergarten school. The CEFA Richmond Hill location is slated to open in May 2018.

The addition of the 5,500 square feet facility, located north of Toronto, will provide much needed child care spots for infants and children from six months to five years old. CEFA Richmond Hill will be able to accommodate 88 students and is currently accepting inquiries from interested families.

“We’re thrilled that CEFA’s enriched curriculum will now be available to children in Ontario,” said Natacha V. Beim, Founder and CEO of CEFA. “We are dedicated to providing an environment to foster children’s imaginations and intelligence during their most formative years – to not only encourage them to explore and learn, but to discover how they can contribute to the world.”

CEFA curriculum features a unique partnership of core subjects, such as reading and math, with drama, yoga and multiple languages, providing children with the freedom to learn and grow through play. The Richmond Hill CEFA location plans to offer Chinese language courses, in addition to CEFA’s standard curriculum offering of French.

“During the search for child care for my own son, our family was pleased to find a school-like setting for his care, and that experience inspired me to bring such a resource to more children. Opening a CEFA location was the perfect way to do just that,” said Lili Xu, franchise owner of CEFA Richmond Hill. “I am proud to be providing a much-needed child care solution for the families of Richmond Hill, especially since it will also help their children thrive.”

The CEFA program has a reputation of highly developing a child’s intellect and delivering the finest start in education, arts, and the humanities. CEFA’s enriched curriculum was created by examining international best practices and is refined with the latest research in behavioural and developmental sciences and psychology. Each of CEFA’s teachers are trained Early Childhood Educators who, in addition to their qualifications, are trained and certified by CEFA Educational Systems to become specialized junior kindergarten teachers.

In addition to the new Ontario location, two British Columbia locations will also be opening in 2018 in Pitt Meadows, in May, and Delta, in the fall.

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About CEFA
CEFA Early Learning Schools (Core Education & Fine Arts) is Canada’s private school for the early years. CEFA is designed for infants and children from one to five years old and features an enriched curriculum that includes a unique partnership of core subjects, such as reading and math, with fine arts, including drama and yoga. Natacha V. Beim established CEFA in 1998 with the goal of providing children with the freedom to learn and grow through play in their classroom. CEFA is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and has 21 locations located in British Columbia and Ontario, Canada.