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Celebrating 5 Years Serving Southwest Wisconsin

Pro Fleet Care is delighted to announce the fifth anniversary of Kyle Fitzsimmons and Paul Yanna owing and operating the Southwest Wisconsin service region.

In 2015, Kyle contacted the founders of Pro Fleet Care in order to learn more about their Mobile Rust Control business.  He had read an article about the business in the Farm Show Magazine. Over the next year, he explored the possibilities of joining, while that same year Paul came across the same article. In 2016, they met for the first time, formed a business partnership and started Pro Fleet Care’s third location in the state of Wisconsin. 

Kyle Fitzsimmons and Paul Yanna

Kyle and Paul have since been developing a successful partnership, serving their clients on site at clients’ locations. “Our clients love our product and service,” says Kyle. “Because this is a new concept, it often takes a while for clients to understand what we can do for them.  But once they see the results, they are quick to tell their friends and family about us.  Last year was a breakthrough year and this year is looking even better”.

Paul adds, “With the economy looking unsure, we are finding more and more fleet owners are looking for ways to extend their fleet’s life. Our clients are finding a $4 to $6 savings in corrosion related body repairs for every $1 spent on the Pro Fleet Care program. That’s big savings when you consider the fact that those savings do not take into account the amount of down time that is being eliminated, as vehicles are not being taken out of service to repair them”.

Pro Fleet Care has developed a successful business servicing local and state agencies, fire departments, school bus operators as well farmers, business and fleet owners, and individuals who want to protect their vehicles and equipment from corrosion.

“We are proud of Kyle and Paul’s accomplishments,” says Greg Lawrie, president of Pro Fleet Care. “Their continued commitment to the high standards of our business system and their willingness to service their clients have helped Pro Fleet Care succeed in Wisconsin. We believe our owner/operator system, combined with our great products and product application, has created demand for our services with clients. Customers can spray their vehicles for as little as $160 per year, allowing them to keep their vehicles for as long as they like without the fear of their vehicles rusting out. Over ten years, the cost would still be less than repairing the vehicle body.”

Demand for Pro Fleet Care’s services will continue to increase regardless of the state of the economy for three reasons: the price of vehicles continue to increase making them less attainable; people are unsure of where the economy is going so they are looking to keep the vehicle they have, instead of replacing it; and the move by local and state agencies to use liquid salts on the road that stick to vehicles causing them to corrode faster.

Kyle can be reached at 1-608-574-4329 or  Paul can be reached at 1-608-574-9621 or

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Pro Fleet Care is a unique and comparatively low start-up cost business, in the growing rust protection industry.  We offer the only leading edge mobile concept in the industry, providing exceptional rust control service, on site, on time and as promised.

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