Doughbox launches Berry Bites, wood-fired dough bites topped with powdered sugar and complemented by a whipped cream dip infused with fresh strawberries. The company’s newest dessert, available as of June 2024, sells for $5.99. PHOTO: Doughbox.
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Doughbox Launches Berry Bites Featuring Fresh Strawberries

Doughbox launches today a new dessert offering called Berry Bites, an expansion to its delicious and highly successful lineup of wood-fired Doughbites, this time topped with powdered sugar and a fresh strawberry-infused whipped cream dip. Doughbox launched its classic Doughbites in February 2024, which are served with a warm side of Nutella. The growing restaurant company followed this up with the equally successful launch of Garlic Parmesan Bites, in April.

“There’s no better way to end a meal than to share a few bites of fresh fire-roasted dough, topped with powdered sugar and a delicious dip,” said Tony Visca, CEO and co-founder of Doughbox. “Now our guests can take their pick—warm Nutella or whipped cream with fresh strawberries, or both.”

Available at all Doughbox locations for $5.99, the Doughbites are fast becoming the brand’s signature treats—easily enjoyed both in restaurant or at home.

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