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Franchise Fun: A Slice of Domenic Primucci

Pizza Nova president Domenic Primucci shares the secrets to a successful franchise business

Pizza Nova is one of the most recognizable brands in Ontario, and that’s not by accident. Domenic Primucci, President of Pizza Nova, has seen the business from all levels and believes in treating customers like family. This means providing mouthwatering, artisan-style signature pizza and other Italian favourites made with fresh, quality ingredients, the same way his Nonna would, and “always MADE WITH LOVE!”

These values have earned Pizza Nova a handful of accolades, including induction into the Pizza Hall of Fame and the recent honour of Variety Village, the Children’s Charity of Ontario, renaming their lobby the Primucci Pavilion. It was also a Gold winner at the 2022 Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) Awards of Excellence. Pizza Nova has been in business for 60 years and Primucci credits the more than 140 franchise locations that operate under the Pizza Nova family values of trust, integrity, and authenticity for its continued success.

When he’s not sharing the love of Pizza Nova into new locations, Primucci dreams about tailgating the Formula 1 circuit and travelling. Here, the self-professed foodie defines his personal keys to success, professes the importance of family values, and finds the benefits in learning from other countries and cultures.

The most interesting thing I’ve done recently is… I was part of a team that escorted the FIFA World Cup Trophy from New York to Toronto.

In its best form, work is… Exciting, because I get to use my passion for food as inspiration and satisfy peoples’ appetites with mouth-watering products.

A good franchisee… Believes in your system and believes in your passion for the product but most importantly, in the customer.

A good franchisor… Supports, trains, and mentors the franchisee.

My top advice for prospective franchisees is… Work in the restaurant business and see if you have a passion and liking for it so you can understand what it entails. Once you become a franchisee, ensure you lead your business and your team. Build a strong culture.

My top advice for new franchisors is… Guide your franchisees, be fair, collaborate with them, listen to them, and lead your teams and staff to ensure they are getting the right support.

The most important thing in life is… Smile, have fun, and enjoy life. We may not always take our own advice, but this is how I try to live and is my inspiration.

One of the most enjoyable things to do is… Travel to different places. I am inspired by travel and learning from other people, other cultures, and other countries; I am fascinated by different ways of life and different ways of thinking, and I bring back what I learn to my own life and my business.

The hardest thing for me to do is… Sit still—I prefer to stay active.

My favourite drink is… Scotch.

If I could change one thing… I would try to be a little more at ease and enjoy life a little bit more. Things have a way of working out and sometimes we just need to have faith.

The person who has had the most positive influence on me as a businessperson is… My father.

Canadian franchising is… Healthy. It creates opportunity for anyone who wants to own and run their own business. It’s an exciting, fast-paced, and everchanging way to expand and build wealth. Giving opportunities to small business owners helps build communities.

My franchise system began because… At the time, serving an authentic Italian product like pizza was new for Canada.

The most positive influence on my life as a person is… My wife, because she has supported the growth of the company. We are a business based on family values and I believe it shows in everything we do and create together.

The key to success is… For me, there are three keys: ambition, perseverance, and passion. And you have to build
a solid foundation. Once you have a solid business foundation, build on that with a strong understanding and awareness of your customers and how to serve them.

I’d like my friends to describe me as… A good, honest, down-to-earth person, who is humble and generous.

The accomplishment I look forward to the most is… Shooting consistently in the 80s for golf.

My personal motto is… DO IT WITH JOY. Be happy.

One necessary item on my life’s “to do” list is… Travel the Formula 1 circuit.