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Franchisees Build Local Connections to Their Communities

As we celebrate Small Business Month in October, it’s essential to highlight the value and importance of small business owners who contribute to our communities and economy. When you first think of a small business owner, you might think of the local couple down the street who operate their own convenience store or a family owned bakery that have been in business for generations. These small businesses are in good company with franchisees who own your local chain coffee shop or pizza parlour – places you likely visit often and support through your loyalty as a customer.

Business Development Bank of Canada reports that there are more than 1.2 million businesses across the country, and 98 per cent of those have less than 100 employees, classifying them as a small business.

Franchises are considered small businesses, and their great perk is that they are the same across the board regardless of which location you visit. When you order a cheeseburger at any location, you’ll always get the same beef patty with two buns and a slice of cheese. You’ll never be surprised by receiving three beef patties and no cheese…or even a muffin! That’s because franchisees have a tried-and-true proven business concept they follow that provides consistent results to consumers.

Franchisees reap the benefits of joining an already established system instead of having to build themselves from the bottom up as independent owners do. They’re in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Franchisees are small business owners who live, work, and contribute to their communities, hire employees from their community, participate in local events, and serve their neighbourhood residents.

With additional support from the franchise system, franchisees can share the company’s success by duplicating results and products proven to succeed in other locations. Support can come in the form of joining a well-known and established brand, having access to the experience and knowledge of fellow franchisees, and an operations manual with instructions on how to replicate the franchise’s system.

Thanks to small business franchisees, your morning coffee and bagel is always made the same and keeps you coming back for more!


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