Industry News to Launch Revolutionary Lice Protection Plan

NNISFIL, ONSept. 8, 2017 /CNW/ – It has taken 17 years and 8 million dollars in development costs to create the patented mineral that makes up the active ingredient in a new mineral based head lice solution that promises to revolutionize the head lice removal industry.  New Dawn Distributing Inc., the exclusive North American Master Licensee, has developed a product called Super Hero #1 Time Head Lice Solution for use on human hair and will distribute it through various wholesale, retail, on- line, licensing and franchise distribution channels.

The product launch is scheduled for October 16th and will coincide with the launch of a new Lice Protection Plan developed by Lice  This one of a kind program is an industry first said Dawn Mucci, President and Founder of Lice and New Dawn Distributing.  “I saw a real need to help families stop the over use and abuse of pesticides on children and the planet.  Offering people eco-friendly solutions and a protection plan against future infestations will help ease the time and financial stress associated with having head lice and provide parents with much needed peace of mind.”   Plans will start for as little as $25 per child for a full year of protection.  If lice occur within that year head lice removal service or product required is covered under the protection plan.  Lice Squad’s obligations under the Lice Protection Plan are insured by Trushield Insurance.  Trushield Insurance is underwritten by Northbridge General Insurance Corporation.   Lice removal is a booming business and the Lice franchise system has seen a 75% growth rate in 2017 compared to 2016.

Dawn Mucci is North America’s leading head lice removal expert.  It took two years of testing and development to achieve the HDM mineral formulation which makes head lice removal extremely reliable, faster, and requires little to no follow up care.  The technology works immediately on contact by dehydration.  Similar proven dehydration methods already exist but the waterless mineral conditioner eliminates the need for bulky and expensive medical devices.

Donald Meade, Founder of HDM Global Corp., granted New Dawn Distributing Inc. exclusive Master License to use and develop the technology.  It will be distributed through New Dawn Distributing, The Lice franchise System, independent head lice removal companies, pharmaceutical companies and direct to the consumer through online and retail sales.  “Several milestones were achieved and these achievements include but are not limited to FDA compliance which allows for the material to be classified as GRASS, safe for human use.  Classification of this compound for safe use brought it to the level of food grade safe, which is over and above the standard required for the use in this industry.  The HDM Group of companies looks forward to a prosperous future through expansion of product lines, franchise, and global markets,” D. Meade commented.

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SOURCE Lice Squad Canada Inc