September/October 2019

MTY Food Group Brands Across Canada

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You may not know it, but MTY Food Group is behind some of the biggest brands on the Canadian food scene. From established Canadian franchise brands such as Country Style and Mr. Sub, to new and emerging concepts, here, Franchise Canada takes a look at the dozens of MTY Food Group franchises from coast to coast.

Au Vieux Duluth Express

Au Vieux Duluth Express offers unique dishes, generous portions, and excellent quality foods. Rich in Greek tradition and unique in flavour, the franchise’s grilled big, juicy, marinated pieces of beef, chicken, pork, seafood, and specialty brochettes, all charbroiled to perfection, are sure to be a hit!

Learn more about Au Vieux Duluth Express franchise opportunities

Bâton Rouge

In 2017, Bâton Rouge celebrated its 25th anniversary and made its mark on the restaurant industry since the time when red glowing wooden logs were used to fire up the ovens in 1992. Today, the Bâton Rouge menu continues to feature bold flavours such as bestselling pork back ribs, slow-cooked to fall-off-the-bone perfection and basted with their signature homemade barbecue sauce.

The Bâton Rouge operations team has more than 107 years of combined expertise in the restaurant industry. From the restaurant design to cooking operations, the team shares its knowledge and competencies with the franchisee network on a daily basis. Their hands-on approach helps to improve restaurant efficiency and maximize profitability.

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Ben & Florentine Restaurants Inc.

At Ben & Florentine, it’s all about food! From hearty breakfasts to healthy lunches, all Ben & Florentine food is lovingly prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients. The franchise is committed to creating and delivering the finest dining experience in the breakfast and lunch industry with restaurants that are designed to create the perfect atmosphere for spending quality time with friends, family, and a great place for business meetings.

By joining the family, you will benefit from a turnkey concept supported by a well-established team. They will assess your objectives, guide you through the franchising process, and support you from start until success.

Learn more about Ben & Florentine franchise opportunities

Big Smoke Burger

Big Smoke Burger provides a quality-driven approach to the fast casual burger segment, featuring 100 per cent Canadian AAA ground chuck beef burgers that are fresh, never frozen, and charbroiled on a custom grill.

The company provides a collaborative approach to site selection, lease negotiation, construction, and financing support. The program also includes a five-week training program for new franchisees and management with in-store support, national and local store marketing support, approved vendors, and hands-on pre-opening and post-opening support. Big Smoke Burger has single and multi-unit franchise ownership opportunities. The system is seeking those who desire to control the day-to-day operations.

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Café Dépôt / Coffee Depot

Café Dépôt specializes in serving coffees from all over the world using only 100 per cent Arabica beans. When it comes to delicious food and treats, they serve sandwiches and desserts in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Café Dépôt is looking for franchisees to help expand their operations. With over 50 locations in Quebec, including a new Café Dépôt Express concept, Café Dépôt plans to expand within Canada in the upcoming years.

Learn more about Café Dépôt / Coffee Depot franchise opportunities

Café Van Houtte

A leader in its field since 1976, Café Van Houtte specializes in the retail sale of a broad range of breakfast products, soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, croques, quiches, cakes, muffins, French pastries, croissants, brioches, bottled juices, soft drinks, filtered coffee, tea, and specialized coffee. Café Van Houtte franchises typically operate in commercial environments in quick service restaurant bistros located throughout Canada.

Café Van Houtte franchisees benefit from the brand’s extensive marketing experience pertaining to fine and sought-after products, along with support in site selection, lease negotiations, business planning, financing, training, management, advertising, promotional campaigns, research, and development.

Learn more about Café Van Houtte franchise opportunities


Country Style

In 1963, the first County Style opened in Toronto, featuring a combination of great-tasting coffee and over 50 varieties of freshly baked doughnuts, served in a friendly environment. Country Style now offers a wide assortment of fresh baked goods plus an all-day breakfast and deli lunch menu. The quick service restaurant franchise has a range of restaurant concepts from free-standing, shopping mall, and fuel/convenience locations.

Country Style is currently looking for new franchise partners to expand across Canada. The company seeks hard-working franchisees with great leadership skills and an eagerness to be their own boss. Franchising options include full-store and express locations.

Learn more about Country Style franchise opportunities


Cultures believes nutritious food should be freshly made on site. The franchise’s cutting-edge recipes include new ingredients and exciting flavour combinations. They serve mighty salads, warm grain bowls, sandwiches, smoothies, and more. Cultures aims to provide fresh and delicious food made with wholesome and familiar ingredients to provide you with the fuel you need to get through your busy day. Feel good about the food you eat!

Cultures® Restaurants is a leader in the sandwich and salad quick-service industry in Canada. With over 55 locations across Canada and internationally, they have been serving light and delicious foods to healthy conscious customers for over 30 years.

 Learn more about Cultures franchise opportunities


Dagwoods sliced its first sandwich back in 1989, offering a fresh alternative to fast food. The company bakes its bread fresh daily, slices top-quality meats before customers’ eyes, and tops it all off with crispy fresh veggies and its famous Dagwoods Special Sauce.

The Dagwoods concept is simple and easy to operate, and its low start-up costs and overhead allow franchisees to develop their business quickly. The company provides franchisees with hands-on training and teaches all aspects of management, product preparation, and service. Dagwoods is looking for lively and energetic franchisees, who are devoted to their business and enjoy interacting with their staff and customers.

Learn more about Dagwoods franchise opportunities

Extreme Pita

Extreme Pita offers food you can feel good about: simple, honest, authentic, and full of flavour. Established in 1997, Extreme Pita gives customers fresh flavours, healthy attitudes, taste, and creativity. A variety of lunch and dinner options are available, including pitas, flat-baked pita pizzas, entrees, salads, and smoothies.

The company provides an intensive training program to ensure that when franchisees open their restaurant, they’re comfortable and experienced in all aspects of running their business. Support from the field training staff and Business Development Consultant assists with the initial opening and beyond. The company is looking to expand into new and existing markets across Canada.

Learn more about Extreme Pit franchise opportunities

Franx Supreme

Franx Supreme offers authentic French-Canadian specialties including Quebec’s famous poutine. There’s a lot more for your taste buds’ pleasure: golden chicken nuggets, freshly made salads, made-to-order sandwiches, top-quality dogs, and burgers grilled to perfection!

Learn more about Franx Supreme franchise opportunities

Jugo Juice

Jugo Juice has established itself as one of the most recognized and respected brands for smoothies and fresh pressed juice across Canada. Jugo Juice’s business concept is to bridge the gap between the awareness of fresh, healthy foods with the complexity of customers’ busy, time-restrained lifestyles.

As a division of the MTY Food Group, Jugo Juice has the opportunity to hand pick the best industry professionals to drive the business forward. Their in-house team manages every aspect of the start-up and ongoing operation, from sales and construction to ongoing marketing and operations support. You can rely on their experience to make solid decisions in favour of profitability.

Learn more about Jugo Juice franchise opportunities

KimChi Korean Delight

KimChi Korean Delight is the first Korean quick service restaurant in Quebec, created by MTY Group in 2007. This concept successfully responds to consumer demand for healthy, fresh, and enticing menus, while educating consumers on the next sensation in Asian cuisine. KimChi specializes in authentic Korean dishes, such as its famous BBQ meats, flavourful soups, and stir-fried dishes.

KimChi franchise owners have access to the expertise of highly-experienced professionals, who have made KimChi a top-notch health food concept through delicious and healthy recipes, training and operational support, purchasing power, and established advertising and marketing strategies.

Learn more about KimChi Korean Delight franchise opportunities

Koryo Korean Barbeque

By marrying some of the finest Korean culinary traditions with modern-day lifestyles and tastes, Koryo restaurants proudly offer “Affordable Gourmet.” Every meal is carefully prepared with grade A meats, no preservatives, and no MSG. Food orders are fired up on a hot grill right before customers’ eyes, while the excellent service at each restaurant is complimentary with every meal.

The most important aspect of franchisee qualification, aside from financial ability, is the ability to adopt the Koryo culture, or in other words, the candidate’s business and personal attitude toward franchising. Koryo is a very unique venture, which thrives on bringing strong, ethical, and conscientious leaders onto its team.

Learn more about Koryo Korean Barbeque franchise opportunities

Koya Japan

The focus of Koya Japan is fast, fresh, and delicious meal choices to satisfy the health-conscious individual. Each meal is “made to order” and grilled to perfection right before customers’ eyes, then complemented by one of the brand’s famous sauces. Koya Japan’s teriyaki and yakisoba dishes have been enjoyed by customers since 1985, and the menu also includes ramen, noodles, and Japanese curry dishes.

Koya Japan is looking for dedicated franchise owners who are enthusiastic and passionate about Japanese food to join its team. Franchisees are selected based on business acumen and experience, financial viability, character and attitude, effective learning and communication skills, and more.

Learn more about Koya Japan franchise opportunities

La Cremière

La Cremière is the ideal place to enjoy a full line of ice cream desserts, frozen yogurts, sherbets, tofruits and ice cream cakes. With more than 45 ice cream boutiques in Quebec and Ontario, La Crémière is proof that the cream always rises to the top.

La Crémière is always looking to expand their network of franchises by innovating and offering customers the widest variety of delicious new and high-quality products. In joining the La Crémière team, you will be able to take advantage of the company’s vast experience and knowledge of the business. They assist their franchisees every step of the way, to ensure your path to success.

Learn more about La Cremiere franchise opportunities

La Diperie

Since its inception in 2014, La Diperie developed a unique and charming concept. It is through leadership, business acumen, passion, and creativity that La Diperie took shape. The objective is to create a gathering place to please the most demanding connoisseurs to the passionate food lover.

La Diperie has been serving Montreal, Coaticook, and Toronto markets with an exponential number of combinations of flavours, with over 30 chocolate dips and more than 15 exquisite toppings. It has recently added ice cream cakes and will soon offer its own line of chocolate pralines, making it the preferred destination for ice cream and chocolate lovers.

Learn more about La Diperie franchise opportunities

Madisons NYC Grill & Bar

At Madisons Restaurant & Bar, their goal is to provide guests with an upscale casual dining experience they will never forget. Madisons is the destination of choice for those looking to enjoy fresh cuts of meat hot off the grill that are perfectly seasoned and exceptionally cooked.

With 13 locations throughout Quebec and one in Ottawa, Madisons is always looking to add to its family with the strength and support of their franchisor since 2014, MTY Group. With the negotiating power, strategic alliances, and marketing expertise MTY Group has developed over the years, Madisons benefits from a real competitive advantage in the restaurant industry.

Learn more about Madisons NYC Grill & Bar franchise opportunities

Manchu Wok

Manchu Wok is one of the largest oriental quick service restaurant chains in Canada and the United States. The company started in the early 1980s, and operates primarily in food courts of large regional malls and non-traditional locations. Chefs use market-fresh vegetables, and cook using the wok – the world’s oldest cooking method.

Manchu Wok supports its franchisees every step of the way. It is involved from the start, and will remain on hand as the business progresses, always available for constant training and guidance to maintain high standards and quality. Franchisees are also provided with professional and timely marketing and communication materials.

Learn more about Manchu Wok franchise opportunities

Mikes Restaurants

Celebrating 50 years in business, Mikes Restaurants is a franchise system of neighbourhood mid-casual restaurants. Mikes has evolved to serve a variety of classic Italian dishes, from sautéed pastas and innovative pizzas to hot sandwiches, subs, and grilled items. Mikes is one of Canada’s oldest, and yet most innovative, restaurant chains.

If you have great people skills, are organized, can multi-task, and effectively supervise staff, then Mikes Restaurants wants to hear from you. Mikes prides itself on its continual development of its systems and procedures and this has made it the second biggest family-style restaurant franchise since its first store opened in Montreal in 1967.

Learn more about Mikes Restaurants franchise opportunities


mmmuffins products are freshly baked on-site, every day, using only the finest-quality ingredients and served with freshly roasted, delicious coffee. With their extensive library of recipes, the franchise can customize your menu to suit customer preferences. The mmmuffins logo, store design, and new coffees give the mmmuffins stores a richer, more appealing taste and more attractive look. A dynamic and modern atmosphere is created through the use of granite and wood cabinetry.

Learn more about mmmuffins franchise opportunities

Mr. Souvlaki

Mr. Souvlaki Restaurants have been serving fresh-made Greek cuisine for 20 years. The company prides itself on its scratch-made souvlakis and tzatziki, the staples of the brand. Come check them out, they have a new look and a new vibe. If you’ve known Mr. Souvlaki from before, wait till you see them now!

The franchise is looking for dedicated franchise owners who are enthusiastic and passionate about Greek food to join their team. To become a franchise owner, there will be a three-stage interview and examination process. Candidates will be selected based on the following criteria: business acumen and experience, financial viability, character and attitude, effective learning and communications skills, and more.

Learn more about Mr. Souvlaki franchise opportunities


When MR.SUB surfaced in Toronto in 1968, it opened the door to a healthy way of eating, especially for people on the go. Still Canadian owned and operated, MR.SUB, owned by the MTY Group, is an icon in the quick service restaurant sector, serving great food at more than 300 locations from coast to coast.

As a MR.SUB franchisee, you’ll own and manage your own business for a reasonable investment, get access to a solid corporate support team, leverage a national marketing program, and reduce the risks and challenges of starting a business. The company offers an in-class and on-site restaurant training program and extensive ongoing support.

Learn more about MR.SUB franchise opportunities

Mucho Burrito

Get ready to change your tune about what you think Mexican food is! Mucho Burrito hits just the right notes with their made-to-order gourmet Mexican menu. Just one taste of their hand-rolled burritos, tacos, and quesadillas will tell you how much effort they put into their products.

Can Mexican food be gourmet? You bet your burrito! And Mucho Burrito is proving it. Experience a taste of success. The fast-casual market is one of the fastest-growing segments of the food service industry. Guests are ready for a whole new upscale gourmet Mexican dining experience and Mucho Burrito will be right there to supply it.

Learn more about Mucho Burrito franchise opportunities


O’Burger serves the best of both worlds: delicious gourmet hamburgers served in a timely, fast food manner, and in a comfortable and chic atmosphere. O’Burger uses the finest ingredients, such as 100 per cent Angus beef, and fresh hand-cut fries.

By joining the MTY Group family, franchisees are guided by a strong support system. The company provides tools and programs to ensure operational efficiency, while the marketing department provides internal strategies and local marketing activities to boost visibility and generate traffic. Beyond initial training, MTY Group offers ongoing support for as long as the franchisee is operating.

Learn more about O’Burger franchise opportunities

Pizza Delight

Pizza Delight started out as a small take-out restaurant in Shediac, New Brunswick and has grown to a chain of more than 80 restaurants across Atlantic Canada and Ontario. The company has found success as a family restaurant chain serving an Italian-inspired menu of pizza, pasta, and salads.

Pizza Delight focuses on finding the right partners, selecting franchisees with an aptitude for business, a proven professional track record, and a good reputation within the community. Pizza Delight provides franchisees with a training program, operational systems, a central distribution system, research and development support, and a marketing support program.

Learn more about Pizza Delight franchise opportunities

Scores Rotisserie & Ribs

Celebrating 20-plus years in business, Scores is an innovative casual dining concept in full expansion in Eastern Canada and Ontario. It’s no coincidence that their range of clients is so wide and varied. “Always More at Scores” is more than a signature, it’s a state of mind.

Offering guests a great experience, excellent value, and impeccable service is the priority on which Scores’ reputation has been built. Scores is always looking for franchising partners. The franchise has several areas in which they would like to open a new Scores restaurant.

Learn more about Scores Rotisserie & Ribs franchise opportunities


Established in 1988, Sukiyaki has a long-standing tradition of serving fast Japanese comfort food. The Teppan grill is the focal point, and is where the most popular teriyaki and yakisoba dishes are freshly prepared every day for customers. Sukiyaki also offers a variety of noodles, sushi, and noodle soups.

Sukiyaki offers a two-week intensive training program at one of its training centres, where the highly skilled operations team will train franchisees, step by step, on everything they need to know to prepare all menu items. Franchisees will also receive extensive training on how to efficiently and effectively manage their Sukiyaki business.

Learn more about Sukiyaki franchise opportunities

Sushi man

Sushiman is a modern Japanese fusion concept offering traditional sushi rolls, as well as a wide selection of unique creations. Customers choose from a wide assortment of combos, made fresh throughout the day by passionate chefs, or from the vast à la carte selection that is guaranteed to satisfy a sushi craving. Sushiman is a great option for a fresh and healthy meal on the go.

The Sushiman team supports franchisees at every stage of business development: business planning, financing, site selection, lease negotiation, training, management support, advertising campaigns, and research and development.

Learn more about Sushiman franchise opportunities

Sushi Shop

Sushi Shop’s unique approach to Japanese cuisine offers an impressive variety of delicious, nutritious meals prepared fresh daily to enjoy on the spot or to take home. Beautifully designed, Sushi Shop restaurants meet growing demand for affordable, healthier meals any time of the day with an enticing selection of delectable sushi.

Sushi Shop is always searching for passionate, hardworking people who want to contribute to its growth and development as a leading restaurant brand. By joining the Sushi Shop family, franchisees will benefit from its experience and expertise, and will receive the support and guidance that one needs to operate a successful small business.

Learn more about Sushi Shop franchise opportunities


SushiGo is a boutique concept specializing in the preparation and sale of sushi, soups, and salads, to take out or eat in. Its mission is to help customers discover gourmet-quality Asian food at an affordable price. SushiGo also offers a large selection of quality teas, offered by cup or in bulk.

SushiGo has several locations in Ottawa and Gatineau, but the franchisor doesn’t compromise when it comes to putting quality before quantity. A SushiGo has to be backed by committed, passionate people, or it won’t open. That’s why they’re looking for more than just investors – they’re looking for ambassadors.

Learn more about SushiGO franchise opportunities

Taco Time

Taco Time is a Mexican restaurant that serves food quickly through food court, drive-thru, and street front locations. While continuing to expand in Western Canada, Taco Time is now awarding franchises in Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada.

With plans to expand all across Canada, there are plenty of opportunities for hard-working and driven business people to enjoy the security and support provided by Taco Time. The franchise’s mission is to make money with their franchisees, rather than off their franchisees. That’s why the average tenure of a Taco Time franchisee is 15 years.

Learn more about Taco Time franchise opportunities

Tandori Indian Cuisine

Tandori serves Indian cuisine made with recipes inspired by the traditional “Tandori” Indian oven cooking style. Their mouth-watering curries, marinated meats, and vegetables are prepared in specialized equipment that allows Tandori’s easy-to-operate restaurants to serve gourmet traditional Indian cuisine in a modern quick service format. Tandori prepares traditional recipes, which were carefully developed by three generations of award-winning chefs from India.

The largest Indian franchise restaurant chain in North America, Tandori continues to add original menu items that incorporate the latest food trends.

Learn more about Tandori Indian Cuisine franchise opportunities


TCBY stands for The Country’s Best Yogurt. That sentiment was true back when the franchise started in 1981 and is still true nearly 40 years later. TCBY continues as the frozen yogurt category leader in the $8 billion “FroYo” industry, with impressive brand awareness that’s over 90 per cent.

TCBY isn’t just about making great frozen yogurt; the franchise also believes it’s their job to provide franchisees with the infrastructure, resources, and industry experts they need to help them open and operate a successful business that will bring them joy for years to come.

Learn more about TCBY franchise opportunities

Thai Express

Thai Express is the leading quick service Thai restaurant brand in North America. The Thai Express vision of success is to exceed customer expectations by offering an interesting variety of authentic Thai food prepared and served by well-trained and motivated staff.

Thai Express provides continuous support and professional guidance to all franchisees from the early stages of training and development, all the way through to the exciting opening day and beyond. Thai Express offers a two-week intensive training program at one of its training centres in Quebec or Ontario for all new franchisees and chosen staff, which focuses on food preparation and operations.

Learn more about Thai Express franchise opportunities


Founded in Quebec City in 2007 by locals, Thaïzone rapidly established a strong position in the quick service restaurant market throughout the old city. Thaïzone prides itself on high-quality ingredients, delicious recipes, and outstanding customer service. The goal is to offer fast, fresh, and nourishing Thai meals as a great alternative to fast food.

Thaïzone is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its focus on superior product quality and providing outstanding customer service based on a multi-service concept: restaurant service, takeout orders, and drive-thru service. On top of this, its marketing strategies and recipe selection will keep customers coming back for more.

Learn more about Thaïzone franchise opportunities


Tiki-Ming is one of Canada’s pioneers in the Chinese quick service industry. Since 1983, Canadians have enjoyed the delectable tastes of Tiki-Ming’s cuisine. Tiki-Ming offers an extensive menu of authentic Chinese dishes made with only fresh ingredients served fast and hot.

Tiki-Ming is continuing to grow in the restaurant services industry and is looking for dedicated franchise owners who are excited and passionate about Tiki-Ming food to join its team. Tiki-Ming proudly serves customers in more than 40 locations, in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia. The brand has also expanded internationally, with locations in Bahrain, Qatar, and Morocco.

Learn more about Tiki-Ming franchise opportunities

Timothy’s World Coffee

Since 1975, when Timothy Snelgrove and his wife Theresa opened the first Timothy’s coffee shop, quality was always behind this brand. Over the past three decades, coffee lovers across Canada have continued to watch Timothy’s World Coffee make no exceptions when it comes to the passion and commitment of providing the world’s finest coffees.

Timothy’s offers over 30 selections of Straight Origin, K-Cups, flavoured, Estate, and ethical coffees that are unique or rare purchases. Every beverage is prepared in cafés and is served with premium pastries and sandwiches to exemplify the company’s passion for the highest quality Arabica coffee available.

Learn more about Timothy’s World Coffee franchise opportunities



TOSTO Quickfire Pizza Pasta

TOSTO Quickfire Pizza Pasta is a boutique fast-premium concept created with one goal in mind – to bring handcrafted Romano pizzas and fresh-made pastas to the mainstream. The concept’s food is real, generous, honest, and addictive. Their pasta noodles are made on-site every day from scratch and their Romano pizza dough is baked fresh daily in-house.

TOSTO is always on the hunt for great franchise partners to help expand the concept. They’re not looking for pure investment partners, they’re eager to build partnerships strengthened by the expertise, passion, and special knowledge of both franchisor and franchisee.

Learn more about TOSTO Quickfire Pizza Pasta franchise opportunities

Tutti Frutti Breakfast & Lunch

Tutti Frutti Breakfast & Lunch is a premium breakfast and lunch restaurant with a complete selection of breakfast plates from traditional to fresh fruit plates. For the past 20 years, Tutti Frutti has been inviting people of all ages to rendezvous with the delicate pleasures of having breakfast together.

Taking their time to prepare exquisite meals made with the freshest ingredients combined with a craftsman’s legendary passion gives Tutti Frutti the chance to witness the power of everything the earth has to bring to our lives. Tutti Frutti Breakfast & Lunch encourages those wishing to learn more about franchising opportunities to contact their franchising department.

Learn more about Tutti Frutti Breakfast & Lunch franchise opportunities


Valentine has been established throughout the province of Québec since 1979 and is recognized for its famous hot dogs, homestyle French fries, and poutines.

Learn more about Valentine franchise opportunities


Vanellis has been serving fresh Italian food for over 30 years. Their selection of pizzas and made-to-order pastas are prepared with the freshest and healthiest ingredients. The franchise offers their customers classic, traditional Italian food as well as new twists on old favourites, so there’s sure to be something to satisfy everyone in the family.

Vanellis is a highly successful fast food franchise dedicated to offering fresh Italian food to those with today’s fast-paced, health-conscious lifestyle. Vanellis is focused on expanding their network of franchises without compromising their dedication to giving consumers a fast and freshly-prepared meal at an affordable price.

Learn more about Vanellis franchise opportunities

Vie & Nam

Vie & Nam is a concept wrapped around fresh home-style Vietnamese favourites served in a fast and trendy environment at affordable everyday cost. Vie & Nam strives for excellence, and takes great pride in the food that it prepares. Therefore, all items are prepared fresh using only the best ingredients.

Born in 2008, Vie & Nam wanted to share Vietnamese culture, and blend it with today’s trends. Healthy, simple, and full of flavour is what Vie & Nam is all about (vie=life, nam=abundant).

Learn more about Vie & Name franchise opportunities

Villa Madina

Villa Madina offers authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Enjoy their succulent chicken or beef shawarma in a pita or as a full meal – all of Villa Madina’s meats are Halal certified. The franchise also offers a number of vegetarian favourites, like falafels, or customers can choose from a wide selection of fresh Mediterranean-style salads.

With locations in major shopping centres, office towers, and street-front locations, Villa Madina is dedicated to offering fresh Mediterranean food to everyone. As part of the Villa Madina family, you will benefit from the support and expertise of the franchise’s dedicated team. Villa Madina currently has franchising opportunities in Ontario and Alberta.

Learn more about Villa Madina franchise opportunities

Wasabi Grill and Noodle

Wasabi Grill and Noodle is a new, contemporary quick service Japanese concept. Wasabi is a dynamic and exciting brand that caters to a market of increasingly sophisticated customers demanding the latest and greatest in the food industry. Wasabi Grill and Noodle is committed to providing a premium Japanese Teppan-style quick-service experience. Prepared fresh daily, menu items use only the finest and freshest ingredients.

Wasabi Grill and Noodle stands behind the quality and authenticity of its food, and its modern, sophisticated, and sleek design sets it apart from the competition.

Learn more about Wasabi Grill and Noodle franchise opportunities

The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro

The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro is an award-winning, wildly popular full-service restaurant that began in Ottawa in 2001 and is known for its gourmet burgers, fresh cut fries, cool classic shakes, and ice-cold beer.

Franchisees with previous experience can be Owner Operators, where they act as the General Manager of a location. There is also the option to act as an Owner, which involves adding someone to the ownership group who has deep restaurant management experience. Training and ongoing support is provided for guidance on aspects such as store design, construction, and location, including access to the senior management team.

Learn more about The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro franchise opportunities