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Prep N’ Sell Releases New Book

PREP’N SELL gives away the secrets to selling homes for more money

Mississauga, Nov. 23rd, 2017: Whether prepping a home for resale, or facing a first time ‘reno’, most homeowners find the prospect overwhelming. Where do you start? How much do you spend? Should you stay or leave? Do you use professionals? What are the best materials? All daunting tasks for a person or couple in transition.

Dave Collier, and the Prep ’n Sell™ / RENO magic ™ team have written a short book titled; 10 Surefire Ways To Sell Your Home for More Money to help make the home selling or home ‘staying’ renovation process easier. Readers will learn how to save money on simple projects, and most importantly, make more money when they sell their home. These ‘insider’ ideas are presented in chronological order from the lowest investment and effort, to ones that are more capital intensive and require further time commitments.

Throughout this guide, Dave and his team highlight some ‘Toolbox Tips’ that they have picked up over the years to keep homeowners from making costly mistakes. Best of all, Franchisees are giving these books away and the first chapter and full book download instructions are posted on the prep ‘n sell website at Located in Mississauga, the Franchise company works with Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Home Inspectors, Homeowners, Designers and property investors at solving home value increasing problems from the simple to the complex.

For more information contact:
Dave Collier at 416-948-3165