Franchise FunSeptember/October 2019

Franchise Fun: Prep’n Sell

The Prep’n Sell system offers real estate agents and homeowners “one-call” access to a full spectrum of home improvement services and specialists, to assist in getting these properties ready for sale, says Prep’n Sell president David Collier. In other words, “we help sell homes faster for more money!” he explains.

While Prep’n Sell is known for improving a homeowner’s greatest asset, Collier is busy doing the same within his own franchise system. Collier puts his franchisees first, and recently worked to reboot the system, including hiring a new franchise support manager and digital marketing manager, to enhance the support structure for these franchisees.

Read on to learn more about Collier’s take on building the best business for your franchisees, and how to have fun while doing it!

The most interesting thing I’ve done recently is… Embraced social media by hiring a digital marketing manager to increase our digital presence.

In its best form, work is… Helping franchisees build their own business to be successful.

A good franchisee… Is positive, engaging, and outgoing.

A good franchisor… Cares about their franchisees, listens, and keeps developing a better system.

My top advice for prospective franchisees is… Enjoy what you will be doing today, tomorrow, and in the future.

My top advice for new franchisors is… Don’t be blindsided by the money. Choose the right franchisees who you and your team can build a successful business with.

The most important thing in life is… Enjoy what you are doing.

One of the most enjoyable things to do is… Sell a franchise and change people’s lives.

The hardest thing for me to do is… Sit still and be patient.

My favourite drink is… A nice Shiraz.

If I could change one thing… I would have finished university.

If I could meet anyone… It would be Winston Churchill.

The person who has had the most positive influence on me as a businessperson is… My father.

Canadian franchising is… Growing the economy.

My franchise system began because… I liked helping homeowners increase the value of their biggest asset.

The most positive influence on my life as a person is… My wife.

The key to success is…Being passionate and loving what you do.

I’d like my friends to describe me as… Trusting, caring, and honest.

The accomplishment I look forward to the most is… The success of our franchisees across Canada.

My personal motto is… Live life to the fullest; this is no test drive.

One necessary item on my life’s “to do” list is… Continue to explore the world, learning and appreciating other cultures.