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Promoted Story: Home Sweet Home

Neighbourly®’s home improvement brands are taking over the continent—and now just might be the perfect time to get in on the ground floor

By Joelle Kidd

Homeowners want the best for their property, and that translates to a perfect opportunity for home service brands to ease the process of finding services and prove they can deliver with value. After all, the results page after typing “plumber near me” in the search bar can be pretty daunting. How does a homeowner know which service to pick?

That’s where Neighbourly comes in. Featuring a network of home service brands, Neighbourly easily connects homeowners to nearby experts—local franchise owners who are vetted and trained to deliver quality services. The Neighbourly family includes 12 brands that operate in Canada, covering everything from plumbing to dryer vent repair to lawn maintenance.

For entrepreneurs looking to own their own business, franchising is an ideal choice that combines the freedom of working for yourself with the support of a proven system. With a Neighbourly brand, this benefit is compounded, because the business is also connected within the wider network and benefits from Neighbourly’s reach and resources.

“For any entrepreneur looking for autonomy, support, resources, and brand recognition, franchise ownership with a Neighbourly brand provides a red-hot opportunity to succeed, especially in today’s housing market,” says Neighbourly’s Chief Development Officer, Brad Stevenson.

Home services are an “evergreen” industry, Stevenson points out. “Ours is a business with staying power—one that won’t be replaced by technology or computers.”

He adds, “For most people, their home is their largest investment, so they’re incentivized to take care of it. Neighbourly brands are focused on repairing, maintaining and enhancing that investment.”

Over the past two years, pandemic restrictions and shifts to working remotely meant that the average Canadian spent a lot more time at home. As a result, while many businesses have slowed or even closed their doors during the COVID-19 pandemic, the home services industry has actually grown, Stevenson explains. “Homeowners have prioritized improvements and renovations to make their investments more comfortable, enjoyable, and valuable. As a result, they continue to call on the professionals who can ensure their plumbing, air conditioning, and appliances are efficiently running. These realities have benefitted Neighbourly franchises.”

Franchisees can be glad to be running a business that’s recession resilient, but as Stevenson notes, a home services franchise can be a wise investment no matter the economic climate.

“Whether the home is new, up for sale, or getting older, it’s inevitable that homes will always require varying levels of maintenance. Therefore, there will always be a need for professional home service providers,” he says.

Why invest in home services?

Here are three reasons why the home service sector is an ideal opportunity.

D-I-Y is a D-O-N-T

While some may remember the days when a shop class or home economics subject was a required course at school, over time students have become less likely to learn the basics of home repair. “There was a time when students were required to take classes dedicated to teaching basic skills such as woodwork or mechanics. Over time, many of these courses have been eliminated and replaced with more traditional classroom subjects,” says Stevenson. 

First-time homeowners, in particular, may not have the know-how to tackle major household repairs and renovations, Stevenson says. However, it’s not only a lack of expertise that have homeowners keeping their toolboxes packed away in the closet. Even if they have the knowledge to complete a project themselves, many would rather leave it up to the professionals.

“As homes age, they require ongoing upkeep,” he adds. The best way for older homeowners to keep retirement relaxing or busy homeowners to keep items off the do list is “to bring in professionals to do the work for them—for example, Mr. Appliance or Mr. Electric to fix their smart devices, and The Grounds Guys to mow their lawn.”

Convenience is worth the cost

“Before the pandemic, homeowners were known to have more disposable income, but less spare time to spend on home improvement projects,” Stevenson says. “In today’s current state, that may not reign true, but we have found through our brands that if homeowners can afford it, they are much more likely to pay to save time [instead of] learning how to tackle various household projects themselves.”

Capitalizing on this desire for convenience, Neighbourly has crafted its platform in a way that makes it simple for homeowners to find the service they need, all in one place. “Franchisors recognize this push for convenience, making innovative strides to ensure homeowners can connect with all the providers they need more easily than ever with a ‘one-stop-shop’ cross-marketing platforms,” explains Stevenson.

Homeowners are drawn to a convenient, simple experience, and once they receive a quality service, they’ll be likely to choose the same brand again.

Trend power

Franchise systems are capable of keeping up with trends and supporting increased consumer demand. Because the home services industry is always changing—with new trends, updating technology, and more—a franchised business is the best choice to meet customer needs, no matter what they are.

 “A franchised business owner has access to training in the latest technologies, group pricing discounts, and more support to keep their business ahead of the competition,” says Stevenson.

No matter what’s trendy, Neighbourly is able to supply customers with what they need and support franchise partners to deliver quality service. Stevenson adds, “As long as people intend to live in and enjoy the comfort of their own homes, Neighbourly’s family of home service brands will be around to help them. And that’s why franchise ownership in the home services industry is the career path for anyone who seeks stability and a promising future—even in a ‘new normal.’”

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Meet the Neighbourly brands

Aire Serv

This heating and air conditioning service brand is the perfect choice for HVAC service entrepreneurs. Franchise owners benefit from a business that’s been streamlined through almost 30 years in business.

Five Star Painting

As one of North America’s leading painting service brands with nearly 200 franchise locations in Canada and the U.S. combined, Five Star Painting has an established model and has transformed tens of thousands of homes since 2004.

Glass Doctor

Specializing in glass repair for home, auto, and business, Glass Doctor has delivered high-quality repair and replacement services since 1962.

The Grounds Guys

The Grounds Guys is a full-service grounds care company offering commercial and residential landscape management services, including snow and ice management and more.

Mr. Appliance

Offering expert appliance repair since 1996, Mr. Appliance fixes everything from home washers and dryers to smart appliances to commercial kitchen appliances.

Mr. Electric

Known for consistent, superior service, Mr. Electric is the go-to choice for electrical safety, installations, and lighting services for homeowners who want it done right.

Mr. Rooter

With 50 years of experience, Mr. Rooter Plumbing has perfected its systems and processes to bring quality plumbing services to customers and make running the business a snap.

Rainbow International Restoration

Disasters happen, and since 1981, Rainbow International has been there to help, providing 24/7 emergency service and restoration services for water damage, fire damage, and mold.

Mr. Handyman

Coming to the rescue since 2000, Mr. Handyman helps customers fix up their homes, while allowing franchise owners to contribute to their communities.

Dryer Vent Wizard

Offering reliable, high-quality service and expertise, Dryer Vent Wizard has become the North American leader in residential, business, and multi-unit dryer vent cleaning, repair, and installation.


This home improvement company specializes in custom glide-out shelves for new or existing cabinets, helping customers improve their storage and organization practices.