Canadian Franchise Association CEO Sherry McNeil
Publisher's MessageSeptember/October 2019

Publisher’s Message: Feeding the Community Through Franchising

Franchises bring people in the community together, with local business owners – franchisees – playing a pivotal role in connecting with their clientele. The average Canadian interacts with three to five franchises every day, and the franchisees who operate these businesses provide community members with jobs and support local community causes and events, often living in the neighbourhoods in which they work.

This community focus certainly exists in food franchising, with restaurants serving as a great meeting place to bring everyone from families, friends, and co-workers together. In the September/October 2019 issue of Franchise Canada, The Food Issue, we highlight how franchising is impacting communities, with a focus on the appetizing food category.

To start, in our cover story, FDF Brandz shares how Famoso Italian Pizzeria + Bar has grown to new franchising heights since it was acquired a year ago. This great franchising story shares how the Famoso brand is expanding through new locations, new markets, different franchise development models, and a fresh focus on expanding beyond the Canadian border.

Once you’ve whet your appetite with the cover story, we explore many other enticing franchise opportunities, through the dessert franchises profiled in our Hitting the Sweet Spot feature, which highlights five franchises that are focusing on indulgent treats, along  with the Diverse Tastes feature, which showcases franchises that are bringing global flavours to Canadian communities. We also examine the plant-based trend, shining the spotlight on five systems that are offering their customers vegan-friendly menu items.

Franchising goes far beyond just food, with franchisees in every category participating in their communities to help them flourish. We bring you along for a day in the life of Hickory Dickory Decks franchisee Arturo Ortiz, who explains how making connections has helped fuel his success. We also introduce you to Speedpro Imaging franchisees Kevin and Kim McKenzie, who’ve persevered to make a name for their business in Halifax, and tell the inspiring tale of millennial franchisee Véronique Levesque, who is keeping Molly Maid franchising in the family in our Millenials in Franchising section.

While franchisees are helping to build their local communities, the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) is using its many resources to bring the franchising community together to grow and prosper. In the “Growing Together™ with Franchising and the CFA” feature, we outline the tools and strategies we’re using, from this magazine to online resources to in-person events, to help business-minded Canadians achieve the dream of building their own business.

For example, we can help you build your franchise business through FranchiseCanada.Online, which offers the latest news, expert advice, videos, podcasts, and more, and our weekly e-newsletter, Franchise Canada E-News, which sends the latest in the franchising world directly to your inbox. To learn more about our CFA member franchises, you can also access our online directory at

Whether you’re in the market for a food franchise or looking to build your own franchise business in any category, Franchise Canada has the resources you need to get started, and we wish you nothing but success as you look to take a bite out of the Canadian franchise market.