Franchise Canada Chats PodcastSeason 4

Season 4 Episode 10 | Realstar Hospitality – Carolyn Genest

In this episode, we talk to d3h Hotels chief strategist, Carolyn Genest. d3h Hotels operate under the Realstar Hospitality brand, which is a property management company based out of Toronto, Ontario. 

Carolyn explains how all 13 hotels in the chain have remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic and are still being reserved by guests.

Here, Carolyn shares:

  • How Realstar Hospitality has supported d3h Hotels through regular calls for franchisees to normalize what’s happening during the pandemic
  • How the brand has worked to help guests find places to visit in the vicinity of hotels that stayed open over the past year 
  • And the five key lessons she’s learned as a franchisor that can help franchisees find success within their business endeavours, among much more.