Franchise Canada Chats Podcast Season 4

Season 4 Episode 5 | Lice – Malika Rezgani

In this episode, we talk to Lice franchisee, Malika Rezgani, who owns three territories and built three clinics that service Burlington-Hamilton, Niagara-St. Catharines, and Mississauga-Oakville in Ontario.

Malika explains how she discovered the Lice opportunity through reading a Franchise Canada magazine, and how she spent about a year working for the franchise before deciding to purchase her own clinic.

Here, Malika shares:

  • What she enjoys most about owning her own businesses with the Lice system
  • How she juggles being a mom of three who also operates three franchises, and what gave her that push to expand her business with Lice
  • And her advice for success to those interested in purchasing more than one franchise location as they expand their business, among much more.

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