Franchise Canada Chats Podcast Season 5

Season 5 Episode 3 | Frank Zaid: The Growth of Franchising in Canada

In this episode, guest host Angela Coté sits down to chat with Frank Zaid, retired franchise lawyer and head of Frank Zaid FRANlegal Support Services. Today, he uses his decades of experience as a lawyer and senior partner, combined with his exceptional knowledge, proven practicality, and reputation in the community to offer franchise legal support and advice.

Since retiring from active law in 2012, Frank has harboured his unique legal and business experience in the franchising sector to offer support including mediation and arbitration, ombudsman services, advising and consulting, acting as an expert witness, and as a speaker at franchise conferences.

Here, Frank shares:

  • The many franchise brands he’s worked with and what he’s learned from them
  • Major changes that he’s witnesses within the franchising industry throughout his 40 years of franchise law experience
  • The numerous awards he’s received from the CFA and which he’s most proud of, among much more.

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Angela Coté, host; Frank Zaid